Butler Has a New Team

Before arriving at Notre Dame and wearing the Blue and Gold of the Irish, Devin Butler will play for a new team wearing the colors red, white and blue representing his country as part of Team USA. Butler talks about his newest honor and return trip to campus for the spring game.

If you attend the Blue-Gold game this weekend and come across a couple of future Notre Dame players with an extra bounce to their step it will be for a very good reason.

While Washington (D.C.) Gonzaga defensive back Devin Butler is still excited about visiting South Bend this weekend, he's even more excited about his chance to represent his country as part of Team USA in the IFAF under-19 World Championship in Austin, Texas.

"It's really an honor," Butler told IrishEyes.com. "A lot of people can say they played college football, but how many can say they represented their country in the World Championships and have the opportunity to earn a gold medal."

Butler looks like he'll have some future Irish teammates with him this summer as early word is pledges Colin McGovern and James Onwualu will also represent Team USA.

Onwualu, along with Irish quarterback pledge Malik Zaire, have quickly become fast friends with the newest Irish pledge.

"Life has been great," said Butler. "I've been out here meeting a lot of new people and hooking up with a lot of the other guys who are committed and just bonding as we get ready to win a national championship at Notre Dame.

"James Onwualu, Malik Zaire and I talk a lot. Malik is a great guy and has one of those infectious personalities and whatever mood he's in that is pretty much going to be the mood of the whole crowd he's with. It's great being around people like that."

Since making his Irish pledge, Butler has seen some new people in his life.

"Every once in awhile people will hit me up on Twitter or Facebook," explained Butler. "Or if I'm wearing my Notre Dame gear out it never fails that some alumni will see me on the train. It's just great and shows the network Notre Dame has."

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