Lucas is Wide Open

Baton Rouge, LA is home to Jay Lucas. The 6-0, 220-pound running back prospect had an outstanding junior season and should be one of the top running back prospects in the country. Are the Irish in the mix?

Jay Lucas had an impressive junior season. He rushed for 2,334 yards and 34 touchdowns. A few schools have offered already. "LSU, Florida State and Indiana have offered me," said Lucas. "Texas, Tennessee, Minnesota, Notre Dame, Nebraska and Miami are some of the teams that called me in May."

Coach Buzz Preston called Lucas and he liked Preston quite a bit. "He said that he they watched me in spring practice and they were very impressed. He said they were very interested and wanted me to come visit Notre Dame to find out about the school."

Lucas says that he is interested in Notre Dame. "Yes sir, I'm very interested. I like their tradition a lot. I don't know much about Notre Dame but I'd like to take a visit there and see what they are all about."

Lucas also is a pretty good student with a 2.8 core G.P.A and just took his test last Saturday.

Comments. Lucas seems very interested in Notre Dame and liked Preston quite a bit. He is a bigger back which the Irish could use. He is a great kid too. We'll keep an eye on him. Top Stories