Roesler Returning

Notre Dame legacy recruit Karl Roesler is ready to make a return visit to campus for the annual Blue-Gold game on Saturday. caught up with Roesler for the latest.

Louisville (KY) Trinity defensive end Karl Roesler does not hide his passion for all things Notre Dame.

As a legacy recruit, Roesler dreams of hearing from the Irish he's earned a scholarship offer. However, he knows changes have slowed the Irish from returning to his area.

"I've not heard anything lately from Notre Dame since Coach (Tim) Hinton went to Ohio State," said Roesler. "The new coach for our area has not made it down here yet, but I hope that changes after they finish spring practice."

While Roesler has not heard much from his dream school, he's still planning a visit for the annual Blue-Gold game on Saturday.

"I can't wait to get up there," said Roesler," My dad, grandfather and a couple of other family members attended Notre Dame, but I'm still very excited."

Prior to his trip to South Bend, Roesler has made a couple of more local trips. However, starting this weekend plans are to make several other longer trips around the country.

"I've been to Western Kentucky for their Junior Day and also went to Kentucky's Junior Day a couple of weekends ago," explained Roesler. "I'm going up to Notre Dame this weekend for the spring game and hope to be heading out to California soon to visit UCLA. Sometime later I hope to take visits to Miami, Mississippi State and maybe even Boston College and Illinois." Top Stories