Brent Torn: Hoops or Football?

As a two-sport athlete receiving recruiting interest in both football and basketball, Justin Brent is slowing learning he'll have a difficult decision to make in the coming years. His recent visit to Notre Dame for the annual Blue Gold game didn't help as Brent tells

Things move fast in Speedway, Indiana and Justin Brent is learning his athletic future has a few sharp curves to maneuver in the process.

A standout in basketball, Brent has received early interest from a couple of hoop programs. However, recent attention from Notre Dame and others for football have made the 6-foot-3, 190-pound wide receiver start thinking more about the gridiron.

"I was at Notre Dame for their spring game," said an excited Brent. "It was an amazing day and everything went perfect.

"When we got there they had people eating breakfast with everybody and then we walked outside and fans wanted your autograph."

While signing his first autographs will be a memory he'll cherish, recent interest from college programs in both sports have started to pull slightly on his mind.

"I was originally getting recruited by Division I basketball programs," explained Brent. "I've taken visits to Indiana and Purdue for basketball but recently stated getting a lot of attention from football programs and have now taken visits to Louisville and Notre Dame.

"So I'm starting to switch things over to football, but this past week I had ISU come in and watch me play basketball. So right now I'm 50/50 on what I'm going to do. Some days it just depends on the mood what I want to do."

Interest from the Irish started only a short time ago.

"Two months ago Coach (Mike) Elston came to my school to see me unexpected," said Brent. "He came to see me and introduced himself and said he would like to have me visit Notre Dame. So I returned the favor and attended the spring game and actually enjoyed myself."

While Brent was unsure about his football interest, Elston made sure to express the interest the Irish have in him as a football player.

"I talked with Coach Elston throughout the day," said Brent. "He came and checked on me to make sure things were good and said he would be down to see me soon. He also invited me to one of their camps they have for underclassmen that they don't tell many people about. So I'm going to go up there to work out for them."

As for making a choice between the two sports, Brent is unsure when that decision will be made.

"I really don't know and I guess I'll just have to see how things will work out with both sports," he said. "Luckily I still have two more years because a lot can happen in two years. So you never really know so I guess I'll have to kind of see what happens in the next year."

Along with the Irish, Brent has heard from Michigan, Minnesota, Cincinnati and others. It is his hope to visit many of these other programs to learn more about each as he continues to receive interest.

"A lot of schools call," said Brent. "It's kind of hard to keep up to date on who is calling so I allow my coach to take care of all of that." will continue to check back with Brent as he works towards making a decision as to the sport he'll play in college. Top Stories