Irish Remain On Dallas MLB's Mind

Jesuit College Prep (Dallas) linebacker Jordan Mastrogiovanni picked up another SEC offer Monday. However, he continues to hold Notre Dame in high regard, and he spoke to about his recruitment, when he plans to make a decision and where Notre Dame stands.

At one time, Jesuit College Prep (Dallas) middle linebacker Jordan Mastrogiovanni thought about making his college decision in late May.

However, with dozens of offers and new ones still coming through – like the way Arkansas did Monday – the 6-foot-2, 220-pounder is planning on taking a big more time to decide.

"Probably early June," Mastrogiovanni said about a decision timetable. "I have finals and spring (practice) will have just ended (in late May), so I really want at least a week to clear my head and find out where the best place is for me. It'll probably be the first few weeks of June."

Mastrogiovanni isn't ruling any of the big-name schools out, saying Notre Dame, LSU, Arkansas and Texas A&M are all in contention.

"They're even," he said. "Those schools stand out, and I really like UCLA."

Mastrogiovanni's mom attended UCLA, and he is hopeful of seeing the campus and learning more about the program.

Arkansas decision to offer also gave Mastrogiovanni a lot more to think about.

"I really like Arkansas," he said. "It's close to home, they've got a great team and I'll really look into them. I hear Fayetteville is really fun."

Mastrogiovanni visited Notre Dame in late March, and he has kept in constant contact with Irish assistant Kerry Cooks.

"Coach Cooks and I are back-and-forth on Facebook quite a bit," Mastrogiovanni said. "We have a strong relationship."

Mastrogiovanni visited Notre Dame, Texas A&M, LSU, Texas Tech and Oklahoma State.

Alabama, Arkansas and Mississippi State visited Jesuit College Prep on Monday, and Boise State and TCU were in last week. The Irish are yet to visit Matrogiovanni, but it is a matter of time.

"A bunch of coaches Facebook message me and say they're going to come by," Mastrogiovanni said. "A&M is coming by (Tuesday). LSU will be by either for the scrimmage on Friday or early next week. Notre Dame, coach Cooks messaged and …it said, ‘I will see you soon.' They'll all be by."

While Notre Dame is doing well with Mastrogiovanni, Texas A&M is a school he has a strong connection to on a number of levels.

"There are just so many pros with A&M. I love the coaching staff, it is close," he said. "My family could make it out to all the games. I feel really wanted there. (Jesuit offensive tackle) J.J. Gustafson is going there. There are a lot of things going with A&M, but I don't want to base my decision just on those things."

Even with all the offers, Mastrogiovanni is grateful for the attention.

"I'm really thankful," he said. "I'm fortunate to have one offer, and to have as many as I do …it's a hard decision. All these schools offer so many opportunities." Top Stories