Rees, Calabrese Arrested

Multiple news outlets have reported that junior quarterback Tommy Rees and senior linebacker Carlo Calabrese were arrested early Thursday morning.

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Notre Dame quarterback Tommy Rees and linebacker Carlo Calabrese were arrested early Thursday morning and later booked at the St. Joseph County Jail.

According to a report by ABC57 News, a call to the police came when there was a noise complaint at 716 N. Notre Dame Avenue.

Upon arrival, police asked for the music to be turned down and Rees apparently fled. He was subsequently pepper sprayed before being detained.

Rees, who has started 16 of the team's last 17 contests dating back to November 2010, was arrested for resisting arrest, public intoxication, minor consumption, and battery to law enforcement, the latter a felony charge.

Released on bond, Calabrese was arrested for disorderly conduct. He is facing a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct and is scheduled for a court appearance on May 17th.

Wednesday was the University's final class day of the spring semester.

The University of Notre Dame released a statement in response to the arrests:

"The University is aware of this incident and is confident that it will be handled in a prompt and professional manner through the criminal justice system. Internal discipline is handled privately, in accord with our own policies and federal law."

Due to the felony charge, Rees' bond must be set by a judge before he is released. Top Stories