Connor is Still Torn

Dan Connor, of Strath Haven HS (Wallingford PA) has narrowed his choices to Notre Dame, Penn State, Michigan, and Syracuse. When will he decide which school he'll be attending?

Notre Dame fans have been left on the edge of their seats watching and waiting for Dan Connor to make his decision. Connor made it known back in the May evaluation period that he wanted to choose a school during the summer, and get everything done, and out of the way. He planned on choosing a school in late June, or early July. However, this will not be the case now. "I'm hoping to make my decision sometime around mid August to mid September" said Connor. "I'm just really confused, and I'm not sure which school I want to go to" he continued. I'm thinking about taking some official visits in early September.

In an attempt to get inside of Connor's head a little, IrishEyes asked Connor to describe the four schools he has listed, and tell us a little about them all.

"Notre Dame was my childhood favorite. They're the team I watched when I was growing up. Plus, I'm Irish Catholic so it's a fit for me. They also have great tradition. I visited the school and got to talk to Coach Willingham for two hours. He is a really intelligent man. He let me know how interested they are in me, and since they don't offer many recruits it makes me feel good that they want me."

"Penn State is the home state school obviously. It's only a couple of hours away so my parents would get to come up and see me play. I also have a great relationship with Coach Vanderlinden. I've worked with him before, and he's a great guy."

"Michigan tradition is also great. They're on TV almost every week. Coach Carr came past my school and talked to my Coach and my Principal and let them know they're interested in me. I also had a pretty good visit to Ann Arbor"

"Syracuse is recruiting me as a Fullback so I'd get to play offense if I decided to go there. Plus, it's only a few hours drive to get there, so my parents would get to see me play there as well."

Connor admitted that there is some pressure from some schools to commit, but being the classy young man he is, wouldn't name names. One things for sure, his parents are not pressuring him at all, and will not make the decision for him. "My parents have been great! They are leaving the decision up to me. Of course we talk things over, and they try to guide me as best as possible. They gave me the opportunity to go and check out the schools that I like. This way, I can make my own decision" said Connor.

Connor obviously has a huge decision ahead of him. What things will help him make a decision? "I want to go somewhere where I can get playing time. I really don't want to play my freshmen year. I'd rather redshirt, get stronger, and learn the system. Then I want to be in a position where I can earn playing time after that. I also want to go to a school that I can get a good degree. I want my degree to mean something when I graduate.

Comments: Connor was a real pleasure to talk to. He was very eloquent with his words, and didn't seem to have prepared answers for my questions. I'm sure he's getting tired of people asking where he's going to go, but he didn't show that in my conversation with him. I honestly think it's down to PSU/ND. He probably will take a couple of official visits in early September and then decide. Settle in Irish fans, it's going to play out a bit longer than you expected. Top Stories