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This week's question for's subscribers: Your take on my Indispensable Irish list. Additions? Subtractions? Who's ranked too high, too low, or is it all just right?

Who can Notre Dame least afford to lose for 2012? That's the purpose of our annual, and now completed, Top 10 Indispensable Irish list.

For the second straight season, middle linebacker Manti Te'o tops the chart, a testament both to the player and unfortunately, the expected drop-off between Te'o and the team's remaining inside ‘backers.

Rounding out this year's list are three defensive linemen – the direct result of Aaron Lynch's departure lessening the team's previously enviable depth up front – two offensive linemen, one safety, one cornerback, a running back, and of course tight end Tyler Eifert.

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Introduction and those that just missed the cut…

#10 Bennett Jackson

#9 Kapron Lewis-Moore

#8 Louis Nix and #7 Stephon Tuitt

#6 Cierre Wood and #5 Zack Martin

#4 Tyler Eifert

#3 Jamoris Slaughter

#2 Braxston Cave

#1 Manti Te'o

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