Berk's Breakdown: Steven Elmer

We start off our in-depth breakdowns of the members of Notre Dame's recruiting class with Brian Kelly's first pledge for 2013, Steven Elmer from Midland, Michigan.


HT – WT – SPEED : Listed at 6-foot-6, 297-pounds, Steven Elmer has maintained his weight since coming on the recruiting scene just over a year ago. At Notre Dame, look for Harrell to have some minor body reshaping in Paul Longo's strength program and play in the 295-310-pound range. Keep in mind this is a kid who has posted 5.1 forty times.

QUICKNESS – AGILITY – BALANCE : Overall Elmer is solid in all three areas and with a little body reshaping will be better with balance as at times he's looks a little top heavy that pushes his body to lean forward more than you would like to see.

STRENGTH : Elmer has above average physical strength. Combining this strength with his ability to recoil in the upper and lower body will give the Irish a player who will become very explosive once he learns to turn this ability into power.

BODY FLEXIBILITY : For a player of his size, Elmer shows above average flexibility. A natural bender, Martin shows the ability to change direction and adjust his body.

PRODUCTION : Elmer is capable of winning one-on-one battles using good pad level while also being able to reach second level defenders. At the high school level he's use to going against smaller defenders and while most prep linemen struggle getting low pad level he excels.


In the run game Elmer does a great job of getting a flat back and keeping a low pad level. He's capable of beating a defender by himself and has the flexibility to roll his hips and drive his feet through a defender. On several clips Elmer shows the ability to pull and reach his targeted hole to lead block downfield.

In the passing game Elmer's natural bending ability and foot quickness allows him to drop back while maintaining balance and proper positioning. One area of improvement needed is in his hand pop as he's yet to master the full technique needed to deliver a solid and powerful blow to a defender. Because of his physical strength, Elmer does a great job of setting a solid base and sustaining his block to ward off defenders.


The overall tools are there for Elmer to find success at the next level if he can maintain his continued growth and health. While there is work to be done, Elmer will enter his Irish career with the physical tools to compete early. One of the knocks on Elmer is his demeanor on the field as some feel he's not mean enough. We find this in many high school offensive linemen and know the first day they put on the pads in college they learn what it takes to survive. Top Stories