Onwualu Punches Ticket

After a solid performance at the recent Nike Football Training Camp, Notre Dame pledge James Onwualu punched his ticket for a trip to The Opening.

The goal of prospects who take part in the Nike Football Training Camp series is a chance to earn a spot at The Opening.

Notre Dame pledge James Onwualu received that invitation this week, cementing his spot at the ultimate prospect event.

"It's an honor to be chosen as one of the top 150 kids that went to a Nike camp," said Onwualu. "I think I definitely earned it and look forward to competing against the best."

What helped the Saint Paul, Minnesota native earn his spot?

"I've not done too many off season camps," said Onwualu. "But I felt this camp was definitely something that would lead to an accomplishment I wanted to try for. I feel training more than anything else has benefited me more than anything else."

Onwualua isn't the only member of the Irish to make the trip to the West Coast.

"I think it's me, Devin (Butler) and I know Steve (Elmer) just got the offer," said Onwualu. "I'm sure Jaylon (Smith) will also, but the three of us are pretty excited."

Last year, Notre Dame fans watched as prospects from around the country worked on top prospects to join them at their schools of choice. Will the self-proclaimed Irish Mob be successful doing the same for this recruiting cycle?

"Our class has been pretty strong helping the coaches recruit," said Onwualu. "We all feel part of our job is to build relationships with potential teammates. But I think that will naturally happen while we're there so it will definitely be good to hang with my future teammates, especially Devin."

Has Onwualu had a chance to share the news with members of the Irish coaching staff?

"I have not had a chance to speak with the coaches as they've been pretty busy," said Onwualu. "But I'll be headed out there next week and will be in touch with them soon. They will probably know even before I call as they usually keep a good eye on me."

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