Kadous had a Great Experience

IrishEyes caught up with John Kadous, the 6'6 300lb Offensive Lineman from Salpointe Catholic HS (Tucson, AZ). He made a trip to South Bend for Notre Dame's annual football camp and enjoyed his trip. Did he leave with an offer?

"I just got back from Notre Dame. It was a great experience" John Kadous said after being asked how recruiting was going so far. "I think I performed pretty well. I did my best" he modestly continued. In fact, Kadous did so well, that he earned a scholarship offer from Coach Tyrone Willingham. "Yes, I was offered a scholarship. It meant a lot since Notre Dame does not offer too many recruits. It makes me feel that they really want me" said Kadous.

So what were some of the highlights of Kadous' trip? "Seriously, the whole experience was a highlight in itself. I've followed Notre Dame for a while. I've always loved their tradition. Just to be on the campus, and get to walk around was great. On top of that, I got to show my skills in front of the Notre Dame football staff. The whole experience was a real honor."

So now that the Irish have offered, what is Kadous' next step? "Me and my parents are going to visit a few other schools. We're going to take a West Coast tour. We're visiting UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Oregon, and Washington sometime in late July. Those schools, along with Notre Dame are the schools that I'm going to focus on. I won't make a decision anytime soon. After I take the trips I'm going to set up official visits. I'm not really in a rush to decide. I hear how recruits take one or two official visits. I'm going to take all five of mine." Will Notre Dame get one of those visits? "Yes, Notre Dame will be one of the schools that I visit."

With the impressive list of schools recruiting Kadous, what will set one school apart from the rest? "I want to go to a school that I can see myself at for the next 4 or 5 years. I want to feel at home when I set foot on campus." Did he feel that way in South Bend? "Definitely!"

Comments: Kadous didn't hide the fact that he really likes Notre Dame, and enjoyed his trip to South Bend. Nevertheless, don't expect him to decide anytime soon. He wants to take his time, and make sure he makes the right decision. He told me to check back in with him in early August to find out how he enjoyed the other schools in comparison to Notre Dame. I'll do just that!

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