14 in 14: Scott Daly

IrishEyes.com continues its "14 in 14" series, which profiles each of the freshmen enrolling this month at Notre Dame. It is running for 14 successive days, and the latest player on the list is Downers Grove (IL) South long snapper Scott Daly.

Since giving Notre Dame his verbal pledge in April of 2011, Scott Daly has noticed some Notre Dame fans have a hard time wondering why the Irish gave such a specialist a full scholarship prior to playing a single game.

While Daly knows he has his critics, he also has learned his talents are in high demand by college coaches from across the country.

"I think people can view things any way they want to," said Daly. "We (long snappers) are definitely different than everybody else getting recruited as we have a hidden talent. But I think people are starting to see how important long snappers are and how valuable they can be for not just a college football team, but NFL teams as well. I think we are treated a little differently but for me the whole process has been great."

For Daly, one person played a key role in helping him see his future and earning his way to Notre Dame.

"Chris Rubio is putting long snappers back on the map and showing they are a very valuable piece to a team," said Daly. "A couple of my friends just got full scholarships to Alabama and Michigan. These are schools that in the past never would have dreamed of offering a scholarship and now they are handing them out like candy.

So Chris is making the position known and getting guys like myself well known throughout the country."

How different would this month be for Daly had his path never crossed Rubio's?

"I would probably be playing baseball somewhere," said Daly. "That was actually my first dream. I never in my wildest dreams felt I would be playing football for Notre Dame. I was all baseball until I found my niche in long snapping my sophomore year. I was formed by Chris Rubio and never looked back as I just worked my tail off to get myself in the position I'm in now.

"Now, I'm just looking forward to getting better, earning my degree from Notre Dame, and helping the program win championships."

While many may have questioned the Irish decision, Daly didn't allow it to influence his enjoyment of the process.

"I just enjoyed the recruiting process and everything that's happen these past couple of years," said Daly. "It's been an incredible journey and one that has been very memorable. It's seems like it's been forever since signing day and when I committed back on April 16th of last year.

But it's been a long, very enjoyable process and I've tried to enjoy every moment of it.

Looking back Daly and his family may have connected the most with his future position coach.

"Coach (Mike) Elston has been nothing but the best throughout the recruiting process," said Daly. "I've had a chance and time to get to know him and his family very well on the many visits I took to Notre Dame. I'm very blessed to have him as a coach and I can't wait to be under his wing the next four or five years."

While ready for his future at Notre Dame, Daly knows one of his biggest supporters might have a hard time with his departure as him mother started to show some emotion prior to him leaving.

"I think it's finally sinking in as I'm packing up my last bags getting ready to head off to Notre Dame for good," said Daly. "She's taking it pretty good right now but I think she might have started to lose it once we started getting close. Overall, I think she's doing pretty well."

For Daly the future is nothing he ever dreamed of and the feeling he has for his future have kept him humble.

"It's a great feeling and I've been blessed to have this opportunity to attend such an incredible university let alone to be able to play football there," said Daly. "I'm just very excited and can't wait to start the next chapter of my life."

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