14 in 14: William Mahone

IrishEyes.com continues its "14 in 14" series, which profiles each of the freshmen enrolling this month at Notre Dame. It is running for 14 successive days, and the latest player on the list is Youngstown (OH) Fitch running back William Mahone.

William Mahone has a busy schedule since officially pledging to Notre Dame on National Signing Day.

The 6-foot, 205-pound running back filled his days with hoops, rehab, and a healthy dose of what awaits him in South Bend as he counted down the days before reporting to Notre Dame this week.

"I spent much of my time rehabbing and then playing basketball," said Mahone. "This was a good thing as I had a pretty good season and the team did really good. We are usually pretty bad. After that it was just doing conditioning and getting ready to head off to school."

One thing Mahone learned early was Irish strength coach Paul Longo expects them to be ready.

"I liked the running and conditioning of the new program," said Mahone. "One thing I've been doing is lifting on my own so I'm ready to get that program started when I get there. But I'm definitely excited for it and its done me really well."

While the 2012 Irish class may not be known for their closeness after a handful of late de-commitments, Mahone says guys have connected not only with others in their class but those already in the program.

"I think we've always had a good connection as all the guys are really cool," said Mahone. "I've been keeping in touch with Matthias Farley and asking him some questions about what I should bring with me to school and stuff. Eilar Hardy was my host on my official visit and I've kept in touch with him. I also keep in touch with a lot of other kids in our class.

"I hung out with Chris Brown a lot when we've been there. I've hung out with (Justin) Ferguson and Keivarae Russell when we were in Oregon. I've also gotten to know Sheldon Day and our moms have been talking. I think it will all work itself out once we all get there.

"I don't think it's really hit her," said Mahone of his mother's reaction to his departure. "We'd been getting myself ready and have been busy will all that stuff. But I think it will hit her once I'm gone for a couple of days."

As the day got closer did Mahone himself start rethinking his future?

"I'm not really nervous," said Mahone. "I'm just real excited to get started. I'm looking forward to getting away and getting started on this new chapter of my life."

What have Irish coaches told him about what to expect when he arrives on campus?

"The coaches have told me nothing is easy and I'm going to have to work," said Mahone. "School is challenging but I'm ready to work at it."

As for what he feels will be the biggest adjustments once he arrives on campus, Mahone already knows it's a very basic adjustment.

"I know I'll have to get use to how much time we put into football and school," said Mahone. "Just getting use to some things as this is a new chapter in my life and I'm not really use to it. So just getting use to everyday college life."

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