Byrd to Visit Notre Dame

<P>Sugarland, TX is home to Tyrone Byrd. The 6-5, 270-pound offensive line prospect has an impressive list of offers and one from Notre Dame. He plans to visit Notre Dame this month and the Irish appear to be in the race for this top prospect. </P>

Tyrone Byrd has an impressive offer list. "UCLA, Nebraska, Iowa, LSU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Colorado, Colorado State, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame, Kansas, Arizona, Miami, Texas Tech and Houston have offered me so far."

The Irish have offered him in writing according to Byrd. "It came a while ago. I didn't get to talk to them in May but my Mom did. We are going to see Notre Dame on July 19th. I'm origionally from Chicago and was raised there. Most of my family still lives there."

Byrd seems to be very interested in Notre Dame. "All my family and my older cousins who played football say that Notre Dame is the place for me to go. They say I'd have a job for life if I got a degree from there. My coach also says that an education from Notre Dame is unbeatable. I'd be crazy not to give them a serious look. I liked the area when I lived there. My Mom kept a tight leash on me when I was there but now that I'm older, I get to see more of the area and I like it a lot."

Byrd attended camp at Miami and Oklahoma State already this summer. "I liked both places. Both schools offered me after camp. I liked working with the Miami coaches when I was there."

Does Byrd have a top five right now? "This isn't the final five or anything. This is just right now and in no particular order. I would say UCLA, Notre Dame, Miama, Oklahoma State and Pittsburgh."

Comments. I think Byrd is interested which surprised me. I think both the family and his coach are in Notre Dame's corner and that is always a big plus. His reaction to his visit to Notre Dame will be very important. He obviously is one of their top targets at offensive line. Top Stories