Sherit Still High On Irish

Florida native Jordan Sherit continues to work through the recruiting process. caught up with the four-star defensive end for the latest.

A few minutes speaking with with Tampa (FL) Hillsborough defensive end Jordan Sheirt usually reveals his interest in Notre Dame.

"I think Notre Dame has the best of both worlds," said Sherit. "Academically, they are off the charts and it's also one of the most historical places to play college football in the entire country."

"I had a chance to meet coach Lou Holtz down here at South Florida," said Sherit. "Just to hear him speak so highly about the place, to hear it from him was just awesome. I visited Notre Dame last summer and there was not too much going on, but I'm going to try and take an official visit this season to see a game.

"Right now I really like the Michigan game," said Sherit.

Sherit still needs to pare his options in a hectic recruiting process.

"I'm kind of in the process and working it down to about a Top 10," said Sherit. "It's not going to be too easy to pick from 10 schools, so we're going to try and whittle it down more and try and make this decision."

With all the attention he's received during the recruiting process, has Sherit found pressure taking its toll on him mentally?

"I've been able to manage it pretty well and not feel too much pressure," said Sherit. "For me this season is first, and it's all about having a great senior season. You don't want to take it for granted as your only one injury away, God forbidding.

"So really it's just about this season first and I don't want to make my decision until I take a couple of official visits hopefully during the first few weeks of the season. If not I'll make my decision when the time comes. But for me it's really important that I continue training and working hard to be prepared for the season."

Besides Notre Dame, are there any other schools he's seriously examining for an official visit?

"I think Stanford is one of the schools I'll look to visit," said Sherit. "As of right now they are the two I think I'm going to take."

Despite the chance to take an official visit this fall, Sherit was really hoping to return to South Bend this spring or summer.

"I definitely wanted to get back to Notre Dame," said Sherit. "But I also had a lot going on this summer academically and it's been a busy summer with "The Opening" and some of these other showcase things.

"So I've been doing some things and I would have definitely liked to take more visits than I have. But I think the fact I'm taking a visit to Notre Dame really helps them out a lot."

Part of Sherit's conversation with the Irish staff included his potential role if he joins the program.

"They see me more as kind of an edge player," said Sherit. "The see a defensive end/linebacker hybrid type and that is one of the biggest things I want to go back there about so I can speak with (assistant) coach (Bob) Diaco and see how I fit in their defense.

"Last year when I was up there he was on vacation so I didn't really get a chance to talk about Xs and Os with him."

One issue for many Florida prospects considering Notre Dame is distance from home. Could that play a role in his decision?

"I don't think so," said Sherit. "I think if a school is the right fit for me and the way I want it to be academically while also being the best fit and place for me to succeed, I think I can make some sacrifices like being away from my family.

"Four years is not a lot as compared to the rest of my life or the next 40 years. Definitely, the school that I chose will set me up for the next 40 years." Top Stories