Brown Likes Irish

The Irish recently had a big visitor stop by to meet the coaching staff. His name is David Brown and he hails from Bob Jones high school in Madison, AL. Brown is 6-3, 260 pounds and will either play defensive end or defensive tackle in college. Brown has an impressive list of offers so far. Did the Irish offer?

David Brown is a wanted man. "I have offers from Alabama, Auburn, South Carolina, LSU, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Louisville, Georgia Tech, Clemson and Tennessee," said Brown. "I'm supposed to call the Duke coaches because my coach says they have an offer for me as well."

One school that Brown hopes will offer is Notre Dame. He recently took a visit to South Bend to talk with the coaching staff and look at the school. "It was very impressive. I really enjoyed talking with the coaches. We walked through campus, the weight room and I really enjoyed meeting with the Admissions director. It was a really great day."

The most impressive thing to Brown was his conversation with Coach Willingham. "My Mom and Dad went with me and we had a great conversation with Coach Willingham. It was more about life than just football. We talked about his three number ones. Be the best in academics, the best in athletics and the best person you can be as far as religion and how you treat people. It was really and impressive conversation."

Brown didn't receive an offer however. "We talked about it and Coach Mattison told me not to do anything until August. They explained that they haven't offered many kids yet. Coach Willingham said it's a trust thing. He only offers kids that he wants so you know you have a scholarship. They only offered 33 kids last year and 21 of them committed. They told me they would get back to me by August. I will just wait and see what happens with Notre Dame."

Brown is a traveling man so he has no ties to any one region. "I was born in North Carolina and I lived in Kansas, Indiana, Korea, Ohio, Canada and now Alabama. My Dad is in the army so we've traveled a lot. I've lived up north all my life and Alabama is the most southern state I've lived in. I really never got the chance to pull for one team or another."

Because of his travel, Brown knows that he needs to know more about schools before he decides. "My Mom is really pushing me to decide before my season. I still want to see the colleges and know that I will feel comfortable being at the school I choose. There is a lot to see out there and I want to see every school I'm really interested in. I've already been to Alabama, Auburn, Vanderbilt and Notre Dame. We will try to see a few more before my season starts."

Comments. Brown seems very interested in Notre Dame. If the Irish offer, expect them to slide right to the top. I didn't ask for a top five because the Irish haven't offered him yet. If they do, I expect Notre Dame to be right at the top. He would fit in very well at Notre Dame if he does get an offer. Top Stories