Hunter Surprised By Irish

Torii Hunter left the Notre Dame campus surprised by what he'd seen. caught up with Hunter for his thoughts about his visit and more.

Thursday found Prosper (TX) wide receiver Torii Hunter on the campus of Notre Dame giving him a firsthand look at things he's seen only in movies and on television. How did Hunter's visit go?

"The visit went pretty well," said Hunter. "I got a chance to see most if not all of the campus and that was a pretty good thing. I got to see the stadium and everything so overall it was a pretty good visit."

While on campus Hunter learned some of the talk he's heard about Notre Dame was not completely true. What will he remember most about this visit?

"Seeing all the history and tradition and the college as a whole," said Hunter. "It really hasn't changed over time. They keep renovating of course, but they are the same buildings from way back. I was thinking it was going to be old and rundown, but it was a really nice campus."

Did his visit place the Irish in the running for his consideration?

"Notre Dame was already a school of consideration because of the academics and their competitive athletics," said Hunter. "So it was already a school of interest for me, but I haven't really ranked it anywhere as I'm not ranking any schools right now."

While Hunter took full advantage of checking out all things related to the football program. It was those things away from the field that could sway things in the Irish favor.

"Notre Dame has a 100% graduation rate for its minority athletes and 97% as a whole," said Hunter. So that really stands out and the fact it's a faith base school is also important as I'm into Christianity and everything, so that is also a plus. I'm also looking for a place to be surrounded by good people and Notre Dame has that."

Despite being impressed by the things outside of football, it was the football side of things that gave Hunter a chill.

"Just seeing the Play Like A Champion Today sign was cool to me," said Hunter. You see it in movies and on video games, so when I got to see that it was pretty cool. It's like looking at a historic monument or a statue. Also, the Gug, the Guglielmino Athletics Complex was pretty nice too."

Could Hunter see himself at Notre Dame as a student athlete during his visit?

"Yes, it's a great school and the way they run their offense it would be a great fit," said Hunter. "So it would be a good school for me.

Will the Irish receive more attention since Hunter made a visit?

"It is definitely a school I'll be paying more attention to," said Hunter. "I've always known about Notre Dame because of the movies and the fact they play on television every Saturday. You can't run away from Notre Dame because they are everywhere. So I've always known about Notre Dame, but never thought I would go there because I never knew it would be as good of a fit as I've learned right now."

As for when Hunter may look to end the recruiting process, he's only knows he'll know when the time is right.

"I'm sure I'll get a feeling when it's right," said Hunter. "Just whenever I've seen all the schools enough to compare and then pray about it, then I'll be ready to go ahead and commit. I'm not going to set a time to be committed by."

Hunter feels the Irish are high for a possible official visit and already has his eyes on a couple of majors if he would attend Notre Dame as a student athlete.

"I'm looking at the architecture program," said Hunter. "It's a five year program and my junior year I would have to leave and go to Italy. That's an interest of study I would like to go into, but I'm not sure I want to leave my junior year. The second thing I'm looking at would probably be psychology."

While his Irish visit was a good one, Hunter also is looking to make a few more trips.

"I'm going to check out Nebraska, Utah, Arizona and Arizona State to see what they are all about," said Hunter. "I hope to do that in the next couple of weeks." Top Stories