Brohm Still Hoping to Visit Notre Dame

<P>Irish fans have known about Brian Brohm for quite a while. The Louisville, KY quarterback prospect has been a hot name for the Irish since last year. Brohm had said earlier that he would be visiting Notre Dame this summer. Does he still plan to make the visit?

Brian Brohm still wants to visit Notre Dame. "I'm still thinking about it. I'm trying to find the right time to do it. I might make it there this summer. If not, I will make it up there for an early game for sure."

Brohm has already visited Louisville, Kentucky and Illinois this summer. "I went there for 7-on-7 camps. I might go see Tennessee this summer."

Brohm has a nice list of offers already. "Louisville, Kentucky, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois, Auburn and Purdue have offered me so far."

So has Brohm been in contact with the Notre Dame coaches lately? "I haven't had much contact with them lately. I'm not real sure where I stand with them right now. I want to clear that up by the end of the summer. They've been sending me letters."

Comments. Brohm remains interested in Notre Dame but I do think the interest isn't as strong as it once was. The Irish will need to get him to visit if they want to stay in the race for Brohm. I am going to guess he stops by Notre Dame this summer if the Irish don't land another quarterback sooner. Top Stories