Recapping Allen's Visit has an in-depth reaction about Brophy College Prep (Phoenix, Ariz.) receiver Devon Allen's unofficial visit to Notre Dame.

Having visited Ohio State, Michigan and Notre Dame over the course of a few days may have been taxing for most, but for Devon Allen of Brophy College Prep (Phoenix, Ariz.), it was one of the more important trips he may take as his recruitment continues.

After returning from his trip, Allen was straight off for the start of football camp and unable to make contact with the outside world, but his father, Louis, spoke to about the experience.

"They started football on Monday and are out of town," Louis Allen said. "I thought it went very well and was pleasantly surprised by the campus. I had never been to South Bend (Ind.) to see the campus. We got to look at the facilities, to look at the educational programs going and to talk with the academic counselors and sports counselors.

"We also talked with trainers and talked with the coaches. We think it was a good trip and we were glad we had a chance to get there."

While there, Devon had time to talk with some possible future teammates.

"Devon hung out with some of the freshmen football players that are there doing summer classes," said Allen. "We got to talk with some of them so I think we got a lot from our visit."

One of the questions quickly put to the side was the matter of distance away from home. Something the senior Allen is all too familiar with in his current line of work.

"We are looking for the best educational opportunities," said Allen. "Distance is not a factor for me as for the past seven or eight years I've done contract engineering where I've actually lived in one place and worked somewhere else.

"So it is not a big deal for me to commute or to live somewhere else or to work somewhere else. So I don't let that be a factor. I think the biggest thing is making sure my son and daughter get the best opportunity to get the best education they can because I do understand they can't play sports forever."

While the elder Allen saw potential in his son early, he's still surprised by some of the opportunities coming his way.

"It's a surprise in a way," said Allen. "I guess it's a pleasant surprise as I didn't think, honestly, that he would get as many offers as he did. I knew that at a pretty young age he probably had some special skills and I thought he would play Division One football. I just didn't realize he was going to have opportunities to go to places like a Notre Dame or a Stanford or a Duke, or some of the other schools he's actually being recruited from."

One topic of conversation during the family's trip to the Midwest was about managing the number of offers his son has received and making a decision.

"We talk about that quite a bit," said Allen. "We just got back from our trip there in the Midwest where we went to Columbus, Ann Arbor and then South Bend and visited the schools. Then he started camp on Monday. But we did have the conversation about what his thoughts are, and I think his thoughts are he would like to make a decision in the next month or so, or the next couple of months.

"We have talked about whittling the number of schools down to five or ten or so, just so he can start concentrating on taking official visits. I will say this; just because we do or don't take an official visit, doesn't mean that a college is a guarantee school for him to attend. I think sometimes what you can do when you take an unofficial visit you can get as much as you can from an official visit."

One concern often talked about at this stage of the recruiting process is the fact classes are starting to fill up and an opportunity could be loss. While some schools stress they'll wait, the Allen family understands that can change.

"Actually, that has probably been the rule more than the exception in talking to some of the schools we've talked to," said Allen. "They've pretty much told him that they are committed to waiting on him as they believe he's a good fit.

"I have to agree with them as I feel he can fit in quite well at several different schools. I know he definitely wants to take his time, but he also understands schools have to make decisions too. So he'll probably make a decision pretty soon.

"I think some kids nowadays hear about kids in their position taking offers from schools and then they get a little bit paranoid about making a decision right away. I don't know if they always make the right decision for themselves.

"I know there are some kids here locally that my son knows, and we've had a discussion and I think that has been the case in some of those guys' decisions as they were fearful of being closed out or not getting an offer.

"I guess the thing that I look at, what's the worst possible thing that can happen to my son when it's all said and done and he doesn't have an offer from the school that he decided he wanted to go to. He's a good enough student he can go there and go to school. The most important thing is the education anyways."

As for his impressions on the time spent on the Notre Dame campus, Allen was surprised.

"One of the things that really kind of impressed my about the school was I didn't realize the student body number was as small as it is," Allen said. ""I think in my mind that is pretty conducive to a lot of individual instruction, a quality education, along with the fact their facilities are outstanding as is their coaching staff. "I mean (head) coach (Brian) Kelly, his success speaks for itself. He's been successful every level of football he's coached at. I feel good about that and he took time out of his schedule to hang around and hangout to talk with my son and my daughter, so that means a lot to me." will have more from our conversation with Louis Allen in a later installment. Top Stories