Okam Still Interested in Irish

Dallas, TX is home to one of the top defensive lineman in the country. Franklin Okam plays for Lake Highlands high school and has 25 offers including one from Notre Dame. Okam remains interested in Notre Dame. When will he be making a decision?

Franklin Okam has had a busy summer. He has already been to Texas and Texas A&M summer camp. "I think it went pretty well. I thought I did pretty well. I liked both places and they both have something different that I like about each place."

Okam isn't done visiting yet. "I might go to TCU this Monday. I will probably drive up to see OU (Oklahoma) and I will probably go to Arkansas."

The star prospect has over 25 offers now. "Some of the top schools are Texas, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Florida, Stanford, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas State, Boston College and Arkansas. There are more than that."

Academics will be very important in his decision. "Academics will be the most important thing. I want to get a degree that will mean something. After that, I want to feel comfortable with the players, coaches and where I would be going. I want it to feel like a second home."

Okam is origionally from Arkansas so leaving the state won't be a problem. "I suppose if I was from Texas, there might be that feeling that I should play in Texas but I'm origionally from Arkansas. Leaving the area won't be a problem for me."

So is Okam interested in Notre Dame? "I do like them. I've heard Coach Mattison is one of the best defensive line coaches in the country. I spoke to Coach Willingham and I was impressed by him. He is a real level-headed guy and a great leader. I think he will be playing for a major championship some day soon."

Don't expect a decision anytime soon from Okam. "I want to take all five of my visits. I will probably decide sometime in late January or February."

Comments. Okam seems wide open right now. He doesn't appear to be leaning to one school or another. He will likely take all his visit and I don't think Irish fans will get an idea of how interested he is in Notre Dame until after he visits. The good news is the Irish are on his mind and he seems very impressed with both Mattison and Willingham.

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