Allen Making Official Visit Plans

Arizona wide receiver Devon Allen has started the process of making plans to take official visits this fall. Did Notre Dame make the cut? We check in with the speedy wide receiver.

With his senior year at Brophy College Preparatory (Phoenix, Ariz.) about to start, wide receiver Devon Allen has started to process this official visit plans.

"It's slowing down a little bit and I'm starting to make up my mind on the schools I might want to visit," said Allen. "In fact, I sat down today and made a list with my dad.

"It's not really final yet, other than I have an official set up with Arkansas. But I'm writing down a few games like Texas, UCLA, Notre Dame and Michigan, some of the games they're playing when I hope to have a free weekend. I'm not 100 percent sure on my high school football schedule so I'm working on that."

Allen reflected on his previous visit with the Irish in July.

"Football wise just the facilities and getting to see everything like the locker room," said Allen. "You know you base everything off the movie Rudy pretty much and everything is the same. It's pretty cool to see Touchdown Jesus and all the statues and all the historic parts of campus were very cool.

"Off the field the academics are Top 10 in the country so that is very impressive. Also, track wise they have a great track and field program and I met with George and Josh Atkinson while I was there. I actually ran against them when I was a freshman in California. They run track also and that is a big thing for me and to see that they do both is good."

Since his visit Allen has been keeping in close contact with his main recruiter Bob Elliott.

"I've been in contact with coach Elliott," said Allen. "Email mostly because I've been in camp. But I spoke with him on the phone about two weeks ago and have been going back and forth by email about setting up an official visit date. So he's been checking to see when I will have a weekend free to visit. But my relationship with him is going well and hopefully I can get a visit set up soon during the season or after the season."

One concern Allen knows is a possibility is the scholarship numbers crunch at Notre Dame. At this time he feels confident that he'll know what is going on before it gets too late.

"I know they don't have that many spots available and coach Elliott told me straight up they have a couple of spots left," said Allen. "But they are going to keep me in the loop because they are looking for a speed receiver, they have a couple of big guys already.

"So they said they may not even recruit a receiver if they don't get one of the speed guys. But he's going to keep in contact with me and keep communicating with me on the status of that and depending on who is committing and who is not will determine how the whole process works."

Could Allen make an educated decision based off his previous visit?

"I don't think so," said Allen. "I didn't really get to see that much because I visited three schools in three days so I maybe spent about 10 hours on campus. I saw the facilities, but didn't get to see everything as it was a quick tour. I walked through the weight room and the coaches' office and spoke with coach (Brian) Kelly for only a short amount of time. I didn't really get to see the campus and the school aspect of it. That is something I really want to see the next time I go up there and visit. Maybe even drive around South Bend to see what they have to offer."

One thing impressing Allen about the Irish is the apparent early success of another Arizona native, Davonte' Neal.

"Davonte' says he loves it at Notre Dame," said Allen. "Based on what I've been reading he's doing pretty well. So that is a good thing to know that a guy from Arizona can go up there and compete at the high level Notre Dame plays at." will keep in contact with Allen as he looks to set up his official visit to campus. Top Stories