Thaxton Excited About Irish Offer

Hartwell, GA prospect Jae Thaxton recently received an offer from Notre Dame. The 6-2, 220-pound linebacker has some impressive offers so far. What did Thaxton think of the Irish offer?

Jae Thaxton received the offer in writing via Fed Ex last week. "I was pretty excited about it. I like their football team and I've followed them last year. They wanted me to call when I received the offer and I did but Coach Willingham wasn't in his office. I will call him next week to talk to him about it."

Thaxton said he hasn't really spoken much to Notre Dame. "I didn't get a chance to talk to them but I'm looking forward to speaking with them when I can."

The Georgia prospect has some impressive offers thus far. "Notre Dame, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Georgia Tech and Miami are some of the schools that have offered me so far."

One of the biggest battles the Irish face every year is luring southern players to a northern climate. Will the distance and the weather be a problem for Thaxton? "I don't know. I would prefer to stay closer to home but I have to go where I feel the most comfortable."

One factor the Irish have in their favor is education. "Education will be real important. I'm also looking at the notoriety of the program. The last thing will be that I have to feel comfortable being at the school."

An early decision is not likely for Thaxton. "I will take all five visits. I might squeeze a few in during the season because I play basketball and my schedule for basketball doesn't allow me a lot of time to take visits. I won't make a decision any time soon."

Thaxton admits he doesn't know a lot about Notre Dame. The conversation he has with Coach Tyrone Willingham could be important. "It might have an impact on how interested I am in Notre Dame. It depends on what we talk about I guess. I don't know a lot about Notre Dame."

Comments. Thaxton is a bright guy. He fits the typical Notre Dame mold perfectly and I think he will like Willingham. The Irish had some luck stealing players like LaBrose Hedgemon and Mitchell Thomas last year from the south. Thaxton could be another player that the Irish have a legitimate shot at. Top Stories