Richard Thrilled With Irish Offer

Some players just fit. Some players fit academically, some fit socially and some fit athletically. Destrehan, LA prospect Darryl Richard fits Notre Dame in all aspects. It might seem like an easy decision for Richard but the the star Louisiana prospect isn't close to making his decision.

Darryl Richard recently received an offer from Notre Dame. "I received it last week. It's the one I've been waiting for. I definitely want to see the program before I make a final decision. It was a total suprise to me. My coach told me that it was coming and it showed up the next day. I was very excited when it came. I was kind of close to jumping on it but I don't want to make a hasty decision. My family see this a big plus. Everyone was happy for me."

The Irish aren't the only school interested in Richard. He has an impressive list of offers. "Colorado, Notre Dame, Stanford, LSU, Tulane, Indiana and Vanderbilt have offered me so far."

The one thing Richard hasn't done is spoken to Notre Dame since his offer. "I've called them but Coach Willingham wasn't available. I've been trying to reach him but he hasn't been around. I will keep trying to reach him."

With Richard, everything is about his future. He understands that his future is the most important thing to him. "I want to get a degree that is well-respected. I want to play for a successful program and I think Coach Willingham is working on that. I also want to find a second family. Somehwere where I feel that I can be happy. Distance will not be a problem for me at all. It might be a plus."

Comments. Richard fits the mold probably more than most. The best news is that he is really excited about the offer before he has actually spoken to Willingham. Once he does, I expect the Irish to be very involved with this top prospect. Top Stories