Randolph Makes A Change

Once committed to Stanford, Woodberry Forest (Va.) outside linebacker Doug Randolph updates his recruiting status.

Over the past several months Woodberry Forest (Va.) outside linebacker Doug Randolph has kept a commitment he made to Stanford back in June of 2011.

What once looked like a strong pledge for the Pac-12 program, has now changed according to Randolph.

On Wednesday night, word started to leak Randolph had reopened his recruiting by de-committing from Stanford.

IrishEyes.com communicated with Randolph by text message and then by phone late Wednesday and received the following.

IE: Hearing you might have de-committed from Stanford?

Randolph: Yes Sir…

IE: Is Notre Dame a possible school?

Randolph: Yes, absolutely.

When we spoke with Randolph by phone he'd already checked in at Woodberry Forest and was getting ready for lights out requesting we speak later on Thursday.

From what is being heard it looks like the Irish and Virginia are two of the programs Randolph will be looking at.

IrishEyes.com will have more on this developing story coming soon.

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