Brent Adjusting As An Irish Pledge

Since giving Notre Dame his pledge in early July, Speedway (Ind.) wide receiver Justin Brent has seen others take notice. We caught up with Brent for an update about his next trip to campus and how his junior season is coming along.

Life is good for Speedway (Ind.) wide receiver and Notre Dame pledge Justin Brent. With the pressures of recruiting behind him, Brent has been able to concentrate on his junior season and is excited about this weekend.

"I'm just watching some football on television," Brent told "I just got off the phone with (assistant) coach (Chuck) Martin about making plans for Saturday. I'll be at Notre Dame on Saturday. Right now I'm scheduled to be at every home game. So I'll be up there and just wanted to let them know things are going good and I'm still coming up."

Just how good is Brent's junior season coming along?

"It's going really well," Brent said with a laugh. "Things are off to a good start. We lost our second game and that doesn't usually happen to us too much. We got beat with like three second left on the last play. But things are going good as everyone is coming back from that, so I'm excited.

"In our first game I had like four catches and 36 yards and three touchdowns and we blew the other team out. The second game I had an interception, six tackles and four catches for 76 yards maybe, and a touchdown and then last week I had four catches for a 114 yards and two touchdowns."

One thing Brent is enjoying is his time on defense.

"They have me playing some safety," said Brent. "I'm getting adjusted to it. I played it a little bit when I was a freshman and sophomore, so I'm getting use to it and I can have a little fun with it."

How has life been since he pledged Irish?

"As far as fans they are great and I love interacting with them," said Brent. "But as far as on the field, I don't know if it's because I'm committed, but it seems like they are putting an extra guy on me all the time. So I'm glad and happy to be a decoy and help other guys get open or help the run game as long as we keep winning." Top Stories