Depth Chart: Irish Offense

Updated depth chart and notes at each position for Notre Dame's offense heading into tomorrow's tussle with the Spartans.

Notes: (The number in parenthesis represents each player's remaining eligibility entering the 2012 season.)

- Senior Zack Martin 6'4" 304 (2)
- Freshman Ronnie Stanley 6'6" 304 (4/5)
- Sophomore Nick Martin 6'4" 290 (4)

Notes: Said Kelly of the team's backup offensive tackles: "If there was an injury on the left side, Ronny would be the first one in; if there was an injury on the right side, then Nick (Martin) would be the first one in.  They are both No. 3 as a sense in that they would be the next man in, depending if it was right or left."

- Senior Chris Watt 6'3" 310 pounds (2)
- Sophomore Conor Hanratty 6'5" 305 pounds (4)
- Sophomore Nick Martin, 6'4" 290 pounds (4)
- Junior Bruce Heggie 6'5" 285 (3)

Notes: Hanratty would be the Next Man In at both left and right guard.

- 5th-year senior Braxston Cave 6'3" 304 pounds (1)
- 5th-year senior Mike Golic, Jr. 6'3" 295 pounds (1)
- Sophomore Matt Hegarty 6'5" 296 pounds (4)
- Freshman Mark Harrell, 6'4" 287 pounds (4).

Notes: Should Cave go down, 5th-year senior right guard Mike Golic would slide to the starting center spot ahead of Hegarty.

- 5th-year senior Mike Golic, Jr. 6'3" 295 pounds (1)
- Sophomore Conor Hanratty 6'5" 305 pounds (4)
- Sophomore Nick Martin, 6'4" 290 pounds (4)
- Junior Bruce Heggie, 6'5" 285 (3)

Notes: The loss of two tackles in August (LT Jordan Prestwood permanently; RT Tate Nichols temporarily) caused Nick Martin to shift to right tackle. Hanratty is thus ahead of Martin at both guard spots as Martin develops on the outside.

- Junior Christian Lombard, 6'5" 309 pounds (3)
- Sophomore Nick Martin, 6'4" 290 pounds (4)
- Junior Tate Nichols, 6'8" 325 pounds (3)

Notes: Nichols continues his recovery from an August knee injury.

- Senior Tyler Eifert, 6'6" 251 pounds (2)
- Sophomore Troy Niklas, 6'7" 260 pounds (3) OR
- Sophomore Ben Koyack, 6'5" 253 pounds (3)
- Senior Jake Golic, 6'4" 245 pounds (2)

Notes: Eifert will return this week after missing the fourth quarter of Saturday's victory over Purdue with a concussion.

- Senior Robby Toma, 5'9" 185 pounds (1)
- Freshman Davonte' Neal, 5'9" 171 pounds (4/5)

Notes: The team's starting punt returner, Neal played only in the offense's first series in Saturday's win over Purdue. Toma's 21-yard catch-and-run set up Notre Dame's game-winning field goal in a 20-17 final.

- Junior T.J. Jones, 5'11" 190 pounds (2)
- Junior Daniel Smith, 6'4" 215 pounds (2)
- Freshman Justin Ferguson, 6'2" 196 pounds (4/5)

Notes: Ferguson did not appear from scrimmage last week while Smith notched the first multi-catch game of his Irish career.

- 5th-year senior John Goodman, 6'3" 215 pounds (1)
- Sophomore DaVaris Daniels, 6'2" 190 pounds (4)
- Freshman Chris Brown, 6'2" 172 pounds (4/5)

Notes: Goodman continues to nurse a pulled groin (suffered in August camp) while Daniels attempts to get back into action after missing most of the second half with an ankle sprain last week. Said Kelly of Daniels' progress: "He was able to do some good things today. I was surprised, actually. We were not sure what we were going to get from him. First-time injured guys, you kind of want to see how that plays out, but he did a good job. He actually practice (Wednesday) which was a surprise, we thought we'd wait on him until (Thursday.)"

- Senior Theo Riddick, 5'11" 200 pounds (1)
- Senior Cierre Wood, 6'0" 215 pounds (2) OR
- Sophomore George Atkinson, 6'1" 210 pounds (3)
- Sophomore Cam McDaniel, 5'10" 195 pounds (3)
- Sophomore Amir Carlisle, 5'11" 195 pounds (3)
- Freshman Will Mahone, 5'10" 211 pounds (4/5)

Notes: Wood returns from a two-game suspension this week, though Riddick retains his starting job. Sophomore transfer Amir Carlisle was cleared for practice in preparation for Purdue; he suited up (natural in a home contest) but did not play last week. will update Carlisle's traveling status Saturday night from the Spartans Stadium press box. McDaniel injured his ankle late in the Week one win over Navy but played on special teams vs. Purdue. Atkinson earned just one carry last week vs. Purdue after finishing with 99 yards on 9 carries with two touchdowns in the opener against Navy.

- Sophomore Everett Golson, 6'0" 185 pounds (4)
- Junior Tommy Rees, 6'2 215 pounds (2)
- Junior Andrew Hendrix, 6'2, 220 pounds (3)
- Freshman Gunner Kiel, 6'4" 210 pounds (4/5)

Notes: Rees aide the Irish in relief of Golson last Saturday, leading the offense to the winning field goal with 11 seconds remaining. Hendrix did not play vs. Purdue, though is officially listed in an "OR" scenario in congress with Rees on Notre Dame's depth chart released Monday evening. Top Stories