Special Thanks St. Louis Alumni Club

I wanted to say a special thank you to the Notre Dame Alumni Club in St. Louis for inviting me to speak at their recent event.

It was standing room only at the St. Louis Alumni Club Kickoff Event this past Thursday. I was welcomed with open arms by about 70 guys and one woman who I had the pleasure of speaking to and with for three hours. The event was great, I had a wonderful time and I want to thank everyone who attended for showing up and listening.

I especially wanted to thank Matt Cutler and Andy Cross. Mr. Cutler set up this great event and I think we were both surprised by the large turnout. Matt has been a subscriber of mine for many years and I appreciate the opportunity to speak at such a great event. I was told it was the largest response they have had for something like this so that made me feel great. Andy drove me to the event and continues to be a great friend and big supporter of everything I do.

Thanks again to everyone that was involved and attended that made the event so much fun. I hope to be back very soon.

Mike Frank

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