Saxton Visiting Irish

Ohio 2014 cornerback Alonzo Saxton has some ties with the Notre Dame football program. However, Saturday will be his first chance to visit campus. We check in with Saxton about his visit plans.

For Columbus (Ohio) Bishop Hartley cornerback Alonzo Saxton, Saturday night's Notre Dame battle against Michigan will be the second time he's watched the Irish play. However, Saxton has never visited campus and looks forward to seeing more than football when he visits.

"I'm going up to Notre Dame for the first time," said Saxton. "I want to view the campus and see what it's all about. I've been talking with (assistant) coach (Mike) Elston, he wants to get me up there first to see the campus and everything they have to offer and then go from there."

While Saxton has yet to visit with the Irish, he's heard plenty from a close family friend.

"I've been talking with Eilar Hardy's father, Bill Hardy," explained Saxton. "He coached me in youth football and rode up with us to the Michigan State game. So we talked about Notre Dame and what they've done for Eilar since he's been there."

One thing Saxton already knows about the Irish is their fans are into football. What else does he hope to see during his time in South Bend?

"I especially like to see game day," said Saxton. "I like to watch warm-ups and see how the coaches get their players fired up and ready. But I'm also interested in the overall atmosphere and I'm sure Notre Dame will have a very excited fan base as I saw them at the Michigan State game.

"So I don't feel I'll be disappointed there. The campus is also important as I want to see as much as possible. I'm not sure what I'll get to see this time, but I'll want to check things out with my family."

Another thing that could play into the favor of the Irish is current pledge and Saxton teammate Jacob Matuska. Would the Irish be helped by the future defensive end?

"I think it would be amazing," said Saxton. "I would already know one person I had played with. He's being recruited for defense too, so that would be a plus for me. Since he's already committed, he would have a year on me, so if I would to be offered by Notre Dame and commit there, I would know from his advice what to expect." will check back with Saxton following his Irish visit next week. Top Stories