Deeb on ND Visit: "It was Insane"

American Heritage School (Plantation, Fla.) middle linebacker Michael Deeb made his official visit to Notre Dame to watch the Michigan game, and he spoke with about the experience.

Michael Deeb figured his official visit to Notre Dame would be like a family vacation: get there, have fun, then be ready to get home and back to familiarity once it was over.

But when it was time for the American Heritage School (Plantation, Fla.) middle linebacker and Notre Dame commit to leave campus, he felt different emotions.

"I've never seen so much energy and passion for a football team in one small area, on one campus," Deeb said. "It was insane. I've never experienced anything like it. It almost felt like after two days of being there that I was home. …For me, it was like, ‘Ok, let's check into my dorm.' "

Deeb made the visit with his parents and coach, and they took in the game day sites around campus.

"Just seeing tents set up and RVs parked all over the place," Deeb said, "projectors with big televisions for the (other) games, people two and three nights before the game already staying out the and barbecuing, everyone is friendly and people are calling your name and you don't even know them but they follow recruiting and already know you …it's just such a special feeling.

"And on top of that, the campus is so beautiful. It's just a good feeling to be there."

During the win against Michigan, Deeb was locked in on Notre Dame's defense, and particularly the rugged, physical style the Irish played.

"It's just my style of play," Deeb said. "It's smash mouth football. Coach Diaco does a good job of preparing them each week, and the players are really playing great. Manti Te'o with two picks, showing his ability to play in the pass game, filling holes left and right and playing down hill …they did a great job containing (Michigan quarterback) Denard Robinson."

"I caught myself looking at Manti, and following where his eyes were going and what he's looking at and what he's seeing. That way, in a way, you get mental reps to see how other linebackers play and prepare."

Since it was a game weekend, meetings and presentations were split during the parts of the three days he was on campus.

Deeb was hosted by Alex Welch and Jarrett Grace, and Friday he had dinner with assistant Tony Alford.

"We stay in touch every week since he's the guy who recruits me area," Deeb said. "We have a pretty strong relationship. I got to meet with coach (Brian) Kelly on the morning of game day, and to talk about the game and their preparation.

"From what he told me and from what happened, they executed it pretty well."

Deeb closed the visit by meeting with defensive coordinator Bob Diaco.

"It was just an amazing experience, really," Deeb said. "The crowd starts to get going and you can't even hear the person next to you. It's just insane how much passion the fans have for Notre Dame football." Top Stories