Byrne Talks About Irish Experience

Saturday night was big for 2014 offensive line prospect Jimmy Byrne as he visited Notre Dame for their battle against Michigan. spoke with Byrne about his experience.

With six offers already extended, Cleveland (Ohio) St. Ignatius offensive lineman Jimmy Byrne is on the fast track with his recruiting despite a recent injury.

"It's great to be back out there," said Byrne. "The knee is holding up pretty good as I've not had any problems with it. I'd say I'm about 95% but it depends on what I'm doing. For the most part I'm pain free."

What caused Byrne to miss time early this season?

"I had a partially torn PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament)," explained Byrne. "It's on the back of the knee and not as serious as an ACL injury. In fact Reggie Bush had a PCL injury a couple of years ago. All I've got to do is wear a brace during practice and games, so it's not bad."

One of Byrne's six offers came from Notre Dame and on Saturday, Byrne made his first game day visit.

"I was there this past weekend," said Byrne. "It was a pretty good experience as it was my first college game. We got there about one and I spoke with some of the coaches and had some lunch as well as watch a brief highlight video.

"We also got to experience the team walk which was pretty cool and then got to walk through the tunnel to watch pregame. We did get to stay down there and watch the offensive linemen go through pregame and that was pretty cool as it allowed me a chance to watch (offensive line) coach (Harry) Hiestand."

Did Byrne take anything away from watching the Irish offensive line coach at work?

"The one thing I noticed was even during warm-ups coach Hiestand was still correcting their technique and staff like that," said Byrne. "This is one of the reasons I've said that I've been impressed with coach Hiestand and how he's a teacher. Here they are trying to prepare for a game and he's still correcting their techniques. That's the type of coach I want to play for."

Was there any time to catch up with his possible future coach?

"I spoke with him briefly when we got there and during pregame," said Byrne. "But I did not get to see him after the game."

It's been a few days since he left campus, but Byrne still has a few things in his mind about the Irish.

"The academics always come to mind when I think about Notre Dame," said Byrne. "The coaching staff also seems like a great group of guys."

Does Byrne have plans to attend other games this fall?

"I have no plans to attend any other games right now as most of our games are on Saturday's," explained Byrne. "Last week was the one time I could attend a game and I figured this was the best game I could check out. I hope to attend some games after our season is over but our goal is to win a state championship and that would keep me from visiting for any other games." Top Stories