Girxby Hoping for Irish Offer

Central high school in Omaha, NE has long produced top quality prospects. Many end up attending Nebraska but every once in a while a player will choose a different school. Corner prospect Cortney Grixby might be one of those players that could sign with another school. Grixby has eight offers so far and is hoping from one from Notre Dame.

Cortney Grixby has had a busy summer. He hasn't been going to football camps, he's been playing basketball--his other love. "I've been playing a lot of basketball. I just got back from a tournament in Atlanta and I leave Friday for the AAU Nationals."

Grixby who has eight offers in football is still trying to decide if he will play both sports in college. "It's still a possibility. I'm going to sit down and try to narrow it down before my season. I will then look and see who has offered me and if I can play both sports. Right now, Nebraska, Kansas, K-State, Colorado, Iowa, Iowa State, UCLA and Wyoming have offered me in football."

Nebraska should have the upper hand because Grixby is very familiar with the program as his brother is the second string fullback for the Huskers. "I just went down there for an unofficial visit. I hadn't met the new coaches yet. They were real nice and straight forward. They impressed me."

Grixby admits that having his brother at Nebraska and being close to home could have an impact on his decision. "It could play somewhat of a factor. My family could see me play which is nice. Right now though, I don't see distance as a factor at all. There are a lot of great schools out there and I need to look at everyone that is recruiting me."

The Irish are recruiting Grixby. "I talked to them in May. They said they really couldn't offer at that point and that they don't offer a lot of kids early. I'm not sure why they can't offer this early. I'm just playing it by ear. I think they will offer eventually."

If the Irish do offer, where will that place the Irish on Grixby's list? "They'd be one of my top schools for sure. I have a lot of interest in Notre Dame. They would certainly be on my mind."

Comments. Central kids go to Nebraska and always have. I do think the Irish would have a shot if they offered. Grixby said he will take some visits before he decides. He also said he wanted to take them during his season. Hopefully the Irish can get a visit during the season. If the Irish offered, I do believe he would visit and they would have a shot. Still, Central kids usually end up at Nebraska just as his brother did but Cortney has more options than his brother did. Top Stories