Byrd Enjoys Notre Dame Visit

Sugarland, TX star Tyrone Byrd recently visiting Notre Dame. The 6-5, 270-pound offensive lineman already has an offer from Notre Dame and many of the top porgrams across the country. Where do the Irish sit after his visit?

Tyrone Byrd enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame. "It was gorgeous. I liked the tradition and the location. It's a good place for me to go to persue my goal to get to the NFL. Jimmy Gonzalez took me around and showed me everything I wanted to see. I saw the Hall of Fame, the school, Touchdown Jesus and then we went into the stadium. It's a great place."

Unfortunately, Byrd didn't get the chance to talk to Coach Tyrone Willingham or any coach for that matter. "I didn't get to speak to Coach Willingham. That was the only disappointment. He was at a golf tournament. I look forward to being able to speak to him soon. I didn't get to speak to any coaches. I'm not sure where the rest of them were."

Byrd said he considered the trip a success. "I got to see everything I wanted to see. I got to learn more about Notre Dame and I really liked it there."

So where do the Irish sit on his list? "Right now, my top two are Miami and Notre Dame. There are a lot of other schools not far behind. UCLA and Pittsburgh are a couple of others. Miami and Notre Dame are the top two and everyone else is just a little below those two."

Comments. If I am Coach Willingham, the first player I call September 1 is Tyrone Byrd. It's unfortunate that nobody was around but the Irish coaches do need to take a vacation like anyone else. Byrd really seemed to like Notre Dame. I do think they could've made a bigger impact if some coaches were around. Still, he visited and remains very interested in Notre Dame. I'm sure Coach Willingham and Coach Mattison will get in touch with him as soon as they can. Top Stories