Thomas Can't Wait to get to Notre Dame

Irish Eyes caught up with incoming freshman Mitchell Thomas last night to see how his summer was going. Thomas has been working out and is excited to report on August 10th to Notre Dame.

Mitchel Thomas has been busy this summer. "I've been working out a lot. I've been running and lifting quite a bit. I'm up to 225 right now and I think I'm in very good shape."

Thomas said he hasn't been to Notre Dame this summer. "I'm just waiting for August 10th. It's a 12-hour drive up there so I'm just going to wait until the 10th. I went down to Florida for a while but that has been about it for any vacation. I've just been working out and waiting to get up there."

Thomas says he hasn't spoken to the Notre Dame coaches for a while. "The last time I spoke to them was in June. We just talked about what I've been doing, the workouts and some of the stuff about when I get there."

The Smiths, AL product has also been in contact with another Alabama native. "I've been keeping in touch with Labrose Hedgemon. We've been talking every week. He's a real good guy and it's nice to know someone before going up there."

Thomas says that he will report as an outside linebacker when he reports. "They told me that I'm going to play outside linebacker and I'm happy with that. My main goal is to crack into the second team my freshman year. I will probably play some special teams but I want to crack into the second team."

Leaving home and adjusting won't be a problem for Thomas. "I don't think I will have any problem adjusting to it. The cold won't bother me. I adjust pretty easy. My Dad will probably make most of the games depending on how much I'm playing."

Any last words from Thomas? "I'm just excited. I can't wait to get started. You dream about playing college football and it's very close for me now." Top Stories