Welcome Back

Relief, and welcome back to subscribers old and new.

Hello friends, hear any good computer jokes lately?

I received word last night that the Irisheyes.com site on FOXSportsNEXT will return here, its original domain. FOXSportsNEXT.com remains committed to launch and will work to develop a phased launch plan after the myriad technical issues are addressed. Efforts will be exhausted to produce the best possible product. 

Your logins have not changed, nor has the proper web address: www.notredame.scout.com

The original web address many of you use, www.irisheyes.com, is also again active.

(I suggest using and bookmarking www.notredame.scout.com for the future). 

If you sent me a private message on the FOXSportsNEXT site anytime Saturday or since, I've been unable to access it. The same holds true for any message board post or question directed to me since late afternoon Saturday.

You can reach me at timomalley2002@yahoo.com with any comments or concerns. 

Or if you just want to talk about a 5-0 football team, which is this site's primary purpose. 

Tim O'Malley
Managing Editor, Irisheyes.com

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