Pierschbacher Makes Return Trip

Just over three weeks ago Cedar Falls (IA) 2014 offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher visited Notre Dame as the Irish battled Michigan. Pierschbacher spoke with IrishEyes.com as to why his visit with the Irish still impresses him today.

2014 offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher already has eight scholarship offers in hand. But its one from Notre Dame, and his recent visit to campus on game day that sticks with him today.

"I went up to Notre Dame when they played Michigan," said Pierschbacher. "It was awesome as we got there and met with (assistant) coach (Bob) Elliott right away and then met with (assistant) coach (Harry) Hiestand.

"Then we (attended) the (required) meetings and we made 'The Walk' which was the coolest thing with all the fans. Obviously it was an awesome game. Then afterwards we got a chance to go into the locker room and talk with some of the coaches and the guys again."

Since his visit the 6-foot-4, 280-pound Pierschbacher fondly recalls why the Irish could be a school at the top of his list.

"Notre Dame's tradition and everything makes them one of the main schools when you think of college football and tradition," said Pierschbacher. "It's awesome to have an opportunity there as a lot of people would die to attend Notre Dame just for the academics. So to go there for football and academics is amazing.

"Just looking at the big picture and looking at life after football has really stuck in my mind with what Notre Dame has to offer. If you get a degree from Notre Dame you are kind of set for life. So that is what is really sticking in my mind right now as to how they can do that and other schools can't."

While the Iowa native has been to a few college games, his game day experience with the Irish set a high bar.

"I haven't been to a game like that before," said Pierschbacher. "Two schools that have that much pride for their school was pretty shocking to me as usually fans cheer. But fans there are just constantly yelling and doing everything. So it was really neat to see the spirit of Notre Dame and the tradition obviously."

Since his visit Pierschbacher has been in constant contact with his main recruiter from the Irish.

"I've not talked with coach Hiestand yet since the visit," said Pierschbacher. "But I talk with coach Elliott frequently as he's kind of my recruiter."

One thing that still surprises Pierschbacher is all the early attention and scholarship offers.

"I did not expect all of this," said Pierschbacher. "I started getting offers last year and that was really unexpected as I thought I might get some after my junior year with a couple coming from the Midwest. So yeah, it's definitely shocking but a pleasant surprise."

In addition to the early offers, Pierschbacher has been surprised most by the recruiting process as a whole.

"I've been very surprised by how constant everything is," explained Pierschbacher. "I didn't realize how coaches are constantly on Facebook messaging you and sending you letters. I kind of feel bad for them as I didn't realize how constantly you're going to be getting that stuff and bothered about attending that school or not."

For the most part Pierschbacher has visited each of the schools he's been offered by.

"I've visited all of them except Boise State," said Pierschbacher. "I really loved the Notre Dame campus and the academics and think it was the nicest campus and had the most to offer academic wise out of all the schools. I was really impressed with that but didn't get too deep into that as it was only a game day visit. So that will be for another visit. But they are right up there with the top schools."

As for distance being a factor in choosing a school, Pierschbacher has already covered all the bases at home.

"It doesn't play a factor in what I think," said Pierschbacher. "I'm not going to my hometown and my parents are behind me and have told me they would get me flights home wherever I'm at. So that definitely makes things easier as it doesn't have to be in the back of my mind. So I think if the place I chose is comfortable and kind of like a second home, then it won't be as tough. I've just got to make the right choice."

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