Official Visit Perfect for Family

Four-star offensive lineman John Montelus' official visit to Notre Dame was important for one enormous reason, and the Irish commit explained why.

John Montelus was long ago sold on Notre Dame from an academic, social and football aspect. His mom, though, didn't make it to campus until the weekend, and it put the finishing touches on a perfect recruitment.

The four-star Montelus, ranked the No. 2 guard in the 2013 class, was on his official visit to see the Irish beat Wake Forest 38-0, and then watch Kansas State and Oregon lose as Notre Dame climbed to a No. 1 ranking.

"My mom wants to see what it's going to be like after I leave," Montelus said. "I'm an only child, so she wants to know who is going to be watching me, where I'm going to be."

Montelus, who stars at Everett (Mass.) High, added the weekend experience was overwhelming for his mom, and it was capped off with a Sunday morning meeting with coach Brian Kelly.

"He talked to my mom, and he talked like we were friends," Montelus said. "He said he can't wait to have me there, and basically, I can't wait for him to coach me."

Montelus' itinerary was familiar. He arrived Friday night and had dinner with offensive line coach Harry Hiestand and the offensive linemen, then toured the school Saturday before kickoff against Wake Forest.

"She really loves it," Montelus said of his mom. "After (the game) I basically hung out with the players and on Sunday I got a chance to talk to all the coaches."

A highlight of the trip was being hosted by red-shirt freshman offensive lineman Nick Martin, and socializing with many of the players after the game.

"(Martin) is a great guy," Montelus said. "I bonded with the whole offensive line. They really love me there. I can't wait until I get down there.

"You can't come to a program where you're going to be the awkward kid, where you don't talk to them. You have to talk to them and be friends with them early. I have his number and I can text him any time I want."

There was also the fun of watching the Irish's path to the national championship game cleared when Kansas State and Oregon lost.

"I was with a bunch of guys after Kansas State lost, and after Oregon lost," he said. "We were all happy. We had a great time, and I feel love the whole family there. I really love ND." Top Stories