Butler Excited For Weekend

Several members of Notre Dame's 2013 recruiting class will be taking their official visits to campus this weekend in conjunction with the program's Awards Ceremony. Devin Butler can't help but be excited about this trip to South Bend.

Gonzaga Prep (Washington, D.C.) defensive back Devin Butler was on Notre Dame's campus just a few weeks ago but he can't wait to make a return this weekend for his official visit.

"It's always exciting to get back up to campus," said Butler. "I was last up there during the Wake Forest game and I can't wait to get my family back up there. This time my older brother is coming so it will definitely be a different experience."

With his football season over Butler has found an abundance of free time on his hands and has looked to fill the void.

"It has been a difficult time," said Butler. "But I'm just trying to get out and support the other sports that have support me during my season and try some new sports and hobbies to broaden my horizons."

Butler knows this weekend is one of the final steps before he takes his place as a member of the Notre Dame football family, and he's looking forward to building even stronger bonds.

"It's going to be great and really be a time where we (recruits) can all sit together to bond and really grow as a class," said Butler. "Even though we're already a really tight knit class this will allow for all our families to come together and our parents will get a chance to meet each other. It's going to be a great time and more relaxed as there's not the pressure of the game. What better time to do this other than after the season, especially a season with such great success."

Despite multiple campus visits, Butler knows there is one thing he's found that still stands out during every trip.

"Every time you go up to South Bend you always encounter something new or something else that catches your eye and excites you," said Butler. "The thing I want to see the most is the guys up there now and some of the other guys coming in the class. I really feel it's the people at Notre Dame that sets it apart from everywhere else."

Like many Irish fans across the country, Butler was glued to his television during the USC game.

"It was amazing to watch," said Butler. "I was at home watching it with my family and they were all going nuts. I was running around in my Notre Dame t-shirt and jumping around and it was exciting."

With coaches on the road visiting recruits and commitments Butler recently had his first visit from the Irish.

"I had an in-home visit with (assistant) Coach (Scott) Booker last Thursday and that was a good time," said Butler. "He was originally planning to come to school but we didn't have school on that Friday so we decided to do a short in home visit that Thursday evening. It was great getting a chance to sit with him on a more personal level. My in-home with coach (Brian) Kelly will happen in January as he is getting all the early enrollees done first since they'll be getting to campus early next month."

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