McGovern Enjoyed Official Visit

Long-time Notre Dame pledge Colin McGovern returned to campus this past weekend for his official visit. checked in with the future Irish offensive lineman about his trip to South Bend.

This past weekend was the biggest official visit weekend for Notre Dame as around 12 future members of the Irish football program were on campus.

New Lenox (Ill.) Lincoln-Way West offensive lineman Colin McGovern was one of those who came away impressed by the Irish football banquet and more.

"It was a great time," said McGovern. "Getting back out there with all the other commits was very nice. Being able to catch up with them was a great time. The banquet was real professional and almost like something you would see on ESPN, so it was pretty cool."

One thing the banquet allowed McGovern to take in was the success of this year's team and the players who made the Irish undefeated season a possibility.

"It was definitely special to watch some of my future teammates and those guys who are coming before me being honored," said McGovern. "Also seeing how cool it will be in the future to be part of something like that was great."

During his visit McGovern had a chance to connect with two of his future teammates.

"Conor Hanratty was my host," said McGovern. "Matt Hegarty was also hanging around us the entire time. He was not a host but he decided to just hang around and be almost like a second host and we had a great time."

McGovern has built a solid friendship with fellow commits Hunter Bivin and Steven Elmer. However, during this trip, neither future offensive lineman was able to be on campus allowing McGovern to build a new friendship.

"When I've been going to games I've sort of stuck around Steven (Elmer) and Hunter (Bivin) but neither of them were there this weekend," said McGovern. "So I hung around with Mike McGlinchey the second night there. I didn't really know too much about him or have talked with him all that much before, but after Saturday night we got to know each other better and I feel I'll be able to get along with him in college."

As the case during official visits recruits spend some time with their future head coach and McGovern learned quickly Brian Kelly was up front as what was expected out of him.

"I had my meeting on Friday afternoon and it went excellent," said McGovern. "We got to talk about my timeline for the next four or five months and about signing day coming up. We also talked about getting me and my parents out for the spring game. Both of my parents were there and we all just talked about the future."

One thing the 6-foot-7, 292-pound lineman feels help him with his long commitment was the support of his parents.

"From the point I committed my parents have been ecstatic," said McGovern. "They have supported me 100 percent of the time and my dad has been to three games and my mother came for the Michigan game. So they've both seen great games this year and I'm sure they are pumped about me heading out there this summer." Top Stories