McGlinchey Recaps Visit

Future Notre Dame offensive lineman Mike McGlinchey took his official visit to South Bend last weekend. caught up with McGlinchey for a recap of his trip and more.

One of two handfuls of Notre Dame's recruiting class of 2013 on campus last weekend, Philadelphia (PA) William Penn offensive lineman Mike McGlinchey didn't have the opportunity to enjoy the same overall visit experience as did many of his future classmates.

He nonetheless had a great time at his future home.

"The trip was awesome," said McGlinchey. "I actually had to miss the banquet because of a basketball game on Friday night so I didn't get in until Saturday. While I'm sure the banquet was a great experience, I did not get to partake in it.

"But the trip was a lot of fun, a great time and I loved hanging out with all the guys. It definitely makes you feel great about the decision you made to commit to the school."

Prospects are assigned a host during their official visits and McGlinchey was able to start building some new friendships.

"Nick Martin was my host and he's great and an awesome guy," said McGlinchey. "Nick is really good friends with Matt Hegarty and obviously his brother (Zack)... so it was a great time hanging out with him and the other guys as well.

McGlinchey didn't have a chance to visit during Notre Dame's magical season, but he knows when he attends his first game it will now be something even more memorable.

"I did not get to any games this season," explained McGlinchey. "It was tough as you obviously want to be out there and take everything in. But I think it is also a good thing to know my first time being at a game is when I'm going to be playing.

"I definitely watched the games more closely and I was not just watching the game as a spectator this year. I was watching schemes and the way things were being played and stuff like that along with just enjoying the success of my future team that I hope to help to continue over the next four or five years."

While some Irish recruits talk about their lives changing after giving their pledge, McGlinchey says things are about the same with him.

"Really nothing has changed that much," said McGlinchey. "I just decided where I was going to go to school and that was that. So nothing has really changed with me as I do what I normally do. I've gotten a lot of things from fans of Notre Dame and that has been awesome and makes you feel great about the family we have at Notre Dame. Just to know you have the complete support of the fan base and all the alumni and millions of people is very special."

Much has been made about the closeness of this Notre Dame class that has given itself the nickname and twitter hash tag of #IrishMob13. McGlinchey has fully been part of it.

"It's a really special thing that doesn't happen that often," said McGlinchey. "Just being out there at the same time with I think was 12 other commits this weekend gives you a feeling about how great the people we have at Notre Dame and will be coming to Notre Dame. The whole class is built with great kids and great players and I think we're going to having something really special in a couple of years."

As for his one-on-one time with Irish head coach Brian Kelly, McGlinchey said their conversation wasn't too deep.

"It wasn't really too out of the ordinary," said McGlinchey. "I talked with him about the team's success and how he's been traveling with Manti (Te'o) and how he's going to come out and see me after the game in January.

"It was just nice to catch up with him and see how he was doing. He's just a great guy and a great coach and I'm excited to be able to go play for him."

While some members of the class will enroll early the 6'9" 275-pound prospect feels it's in his best interest to allow the clock to advance at a natural pace.

"It feels like just yesterday I was just a freshman walking on campus working to get a starting spot," said McGlinchey. "Things have been a whirlwind the past four years but I'm really excited to move on and start my career at Notre Dame. I'm going to miss Penn Charter and everything it has done for me.

"Obviously I'm really excited and have a great opportunity at Notre Dame. I'm beyond excited to play for them and get started, but at the same time I'm definitely going to miss home and I'm going to miss a lot of my friends and my family. So that is a little bit of the downside. But everything else has been so great that I want to take my time over the next couple of months to enjoy what I have here at home and hopefully I'll be able to stay in touch with all the people I have here when I'm in South Bend."

On the field McGlinchey continues to see improvement in his overall game.

"I think my overall strength has improved a lot," said McGlinchey. "I'm still one of those guys that is real long and lean and have to fight to keep weight on. So I had to work hard to put on some good weight and overall strength. But my technique and knowledge of the game really has improved this year as I played every position but defensive back. So it was definitely a good learning experience for me and I feel I've improved in every aspect of the game, but by no means I'm where I need to be at." Top Stories