Recruiting Climate Set For Change

New NCAA legislation will change the landscape of college football recruiting starting in August 2013.

If your son happens to be a top college football prospect you better make sure he has an unlimited cell phone plan.

New recruiting rules approved by the NCAA will soon have college recruits in constant contact with the programs courting them; consider football staffs to be akin to recruiting telemarketers.

Starting in August 2013, restrictions on the amount of contact a coach can have with a prospect will change drastically.

Below are a few of the new rules that will have parents scratching their heads and cell phone providers gearing up to handle all the Three crucial new bylaws that become effective Aug. 1:

11-2 eliminates the rule defining recruiting coordination functions that must be performed only by a head or assistant coach.

11-4 removes the limits on the number of coaches who can recruit off-campus at any one time.

13-3 eliminates restrictions on the methods and modes of communication during recruiting. Coaches will be allowed to send unlimited text and social media messages to recruits as well as make unlimited phone calls to prospects.

While the above are only a few of the many changes made, more could be coming in the spring as other proposals are set to go in front of the NCAA Division 1 Board of Directors. Top Stories