Trip to Campus Reassures Byrne

St. Ignatius High (Cleveland) class of 2014 offensive tackle Jimmy Byrne returned to the Notre Dame campus Saturday, and the Irish commit gave his thoughts on what the trip meant.

Class of 2014 St. Ignatius High (Cleveland) offensive tackle Jimmy Byrne made the drive down to South Bend. Ind., Saturday, but it was a laid back trip.

He didn't have the pressure of a hard sell from the coaching staff, nor did he have to think how Notre Dame compared to other schools.

"Coming in committed, it's real easy to enjoy your time there," said Byrne, who gave his pledge in early December. "For me, just getting to know more of the coaches, guys that I haven't gotten to talk to as much as before, it was cool just to get down there to do that."

Byrnes, who is 6-foot-4, 285 pounds, took in the atmosphere of the day with a few uncommitted prospects from the 2014 class, as well as class of 2013 Irish commits Isaac Rochell and Hunter Bivin, who were making official visits.

"I wouldn't say there was anything different," Byrne said. "It was just more reassurance of everything I already know. The academics at Notre Dame are not going to change. Notre Dame's coaches and their vision of the future, they want the best on and off the field. Just everything I heard during the visit was very reassuring."

There wasn't much film watching nor did Byrne talk much with offensive line coach Harry Heistand about how he fits into the Irish offensive line, or about Notre Dame's blocking scheme. Nor, was such discussion necessary.

"We talk on a regular basis, so there wasn't anything to go into detail on," he said. "I think he wants me to come back down for a spring practice and stay overnight if I can, and spend some time with the players and see him coach."

Instead, Byrne tried to absorb the atmosphere.

"It's awesome," he said. "Going on campus knowing is going to be my home the next four or five years, it's very nice to go there and know for sure it's going to be your future. It's very relaxing and there is not a lot of pressure."

Byrne said there is no chance for him to enroll next January because his school doesn't allow it, but there is also no reason to worry about the strength of his commitment because his family bought into the Notre Dame long ago.

"Being in Ohio, I kind of grew up an Ohio State fan, but my family has always been really interested in Notre Dame," Byrne said. "That really wasn't what led to me early commitment. It was the comfort with the coaching staff and the school is really where it came from." Top Stories