Where the Irish Originate

A geographical breakdown of Notre Dame's recruiting hauls between 2008 and 2013 reveals some interesting trends. What states produced the most signees? What was unique about Notre Dame's most successful class? And what areas are Kelly & Co. emphasizing moving forward?

Where do they come from?

(Besides Ireland and the Northeast).

Notre Dame is undeniably steeped with tradition, and the unique combination of a top-notch education and a premier football program has been made transparent via some of nation's best high school recruits choosing to attend Notre Dame. The obvious takeaway? No school in the entire nation recruits as well from east to west and north to south as does the Fighting Irish. Digging deeper, there are additional geographical trends, facts, and statistics that go beneath the surface of Notre Dame recruiting.

So, starting with the 2008 signing class, and ending with the nation's No. 4 ranked recruiting class that inked with the Irish yesterday (for a total of six years), here's a look at WHERE the Irish come from.

First, adding up those six years' classes, Notre Dame had a total of 128 signees. Transfers were not taken into account.

Keep in mind that Weis recruited 2008 and 2009; Kelly recruited 2011, 2012 and 2013 -- and the two coaches "shared" the 2010 class, as Kelly came on board shortly after the 2009 season.


Worth a look:

-- The states with the most Notre Dame signees between 2008 and 2013 are: Ohio (15) and Florida (14), followed by California (13) and Indiana (11).

-- The avg. class ranking over the last six years is 11, with the best class finishing at No. 2 (2008) and the worst coming in at No. 23 (2009).

-- Notre Dame has signed players from 28 different states from 2008-2013. This year's class featured players from 15 different states, plus Washington D.C.

-- There has been at least one signee from Indiana in every class. As nationally as Notre Dame recruits, Indiana has not been neglected (in terms of sheer numbers as compared to other states).

-- There have been as many signees that hail from bordering state Michigan (3) as Hawaii (3) from 2008-2013.

-- When talking about signees Will Fuller of Roman Catholic (Pa.) and Mike McGlinchey of William Penn Charter (Pa.) yesterday, Kelly mentioned how good it was for the program to get back into Philadelphia. Look for Philly, and Pennsylvania in general, to be recruited more heavily in upcoming years, particularly the Catholic schools.

-- Each year, the number of states with one signee represented in the class adds up to be a greater total number than the state with the most represented signees. The highest number of signees from one state in one class was five from Ohio in 2010.

-- Interestingly, in the 2008 class, which had the best finish, there was not one signee from Florida and there were only two from Ohio. This class was the most diverse in states.

-- Alabama and Notre Dame finished 1 and 2 respectively in Scout.com class rankings in 2008. Those two (redshirted) classes led their teams to the national championship their senior years.

Most notably: Ohio (15), Florida (14), California (13), Indiana (11), Illinois (8), Texas (8), New Jersey (7), North Carolina (7), Pennsylvania (5), Georgia (4), and Kentucky (4).

(Other states listed have three or less, as noted below)

2013 (24 signees) -- Avg. star 3.92

No. 4 class in Scout.com rankings

Florida : 4
Texas : 3
California : 2
Ohio : 2
Pennsylvania : 2
1 -- Georgia, Washington D.C., Minnesota, Kentucky, Michigan, Illinois, Virginia, Indiana, Arizona, Massachusetts, New Jersey

2012 (17 signees) -- Avg. star 3.71

No. 16 class in Scout.com rankings

Indiana : 3
North Carolina : 2
1 -- Arizona, Florida, Illinois, California, Texas, Virginia, New Jersey, Washington, Nevada, Ohio, South Carolina, New York :

2011 (23 signees) -- Avg. star 3.61

No. 8 class in Scout.com rankings

Ohio : 4
California : 3
Florida : 2
North Carolina : 2
Texas : 2
Indiana : 2
1 -- Georgia, Illinois, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Michigan

2010 (23 signees) -- Avg. star 3.17

No. 19 class in Scout.com rankings

Ohio : 5
Florida : 4
Kentucky : 2
California : 2
North Carolina : 2
Illinois : 2
1 -- Utah, New Jersey, Indiana, Hawaii, Colorado, Georgia

2009 (18 signees) -- Avg. star 3.56

No. 23 class in Scout. com rankings

Florida : 3
New Jersey : 3
California: 2
Hawaii: 2
Indiana: 2
1 --Pennsylvania, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, Ohio, Connecticut

2008 (23 signees) -- Avg. star 3.96

No. 2 class in Scout.com rankings

California : 3
Illinois : 3
Ohio : 2
Indiana: 2
1-- Texas, Virginia, Nebraska, Michigan , Oregon, Georgia, North Carolina, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Minnesota

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