Irish Eyes Podcast's new podcast examines several topics around the Irish athletic program. Join Tim O'Malley, Anna Hickey and Dave Berk for the latest news on Notre Dame basketball's final march to March, the recently completed NFL combine, and the 2014 recruiting cycle. is back with another podcast looking at all things Irish.  In this episode, Tim O’Malley and Anna Hickey join Dave Berk to discuss several topics regarding Notre Dame athletics.


- Irish men’s basketball is getting ready for a major battle against Marquette on Saturday.  Tim O’Malley looks at Saturday’s match-up and the importance the game will have as the Irish cling to an outside shot at the Big East regular season title and how they can control their destiny to earn a double bye in the conference tournament.

- How have the Irish been winning?

- Irish fans not showing the support many expected with a team ranked in the Top 25.

- Tyler Eifert’s big day at the NFL combine.

- O'Malley discusses Manti Te'o the football player vs. Te'o the combine participant.

- How other former Irish football players performed at the combine and the importance of their PRO Day late in March.

- A look at the newest recruiting feature for as “The 2014 Big Board” debuted last week. 

- Anna Hickey is just finishing up her first month on and has some of the hot names being pursued by the Irish in the 2014 recruiting class. 


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