Catching up with JB

Notre Dame 2014 commit wide receiver Justin Brent fills in on the details of his commitment, what's ahead, and why he threw away the first football letter he received.

What made Notre Dame the obvious choice for you from day one?

BRENT: "Notre Dame was the first school to come see me. Notre Dame was also the first place I ever signed an autograph, which was crazy, signing an autograph as a recruit. Right away, Notre Dame felt like home. It felt like Speedway, Indiana."

Speaking of Indiana, you were born and raised in the Hoosier state. Did you grow up a Notre Dame fan?

BRENT: "A lot of my friends' parents like Notre Dame. I actually grew up a Florida fan because I loved Tim Tebow. My sister went to Purdue and my brother went to Indiana State, so Notre Dame wasn't really brought up in our house very much, so I would say I wasn't a fan at all, really."

You committed last summer after your sophomore year. The recruiting process didn't last too long for you, but what was it like during that time when you were a national recruit?

BRENT: "I knew I wanted to stay close. I heard a lot from Michigan, Ohio State, and Lousiville along with Notre Dame early in the process. Notre Dame was the best fit for me from the beginning."

How did your commitment happen?

"I went to Notre Dame and had a one-on-one with Coach [Brian] Kelly. Not too long after, I had a one-on-one with Coach [Urban] Meyer. I knew right then. When we were driving back home from Ohio State, I looked at my coach, and said I want to go to Notre Dame. So, I committed on the drive home. Coach Kelly was actually on vacation when I committed, but when he got back, he called me and was really excited. He wanted to make sure my mom liked it and everything, so I brought her up for a visit, and she loved it."

Since you did commit so early, what have the past seven, eight months been like for you?

BRENT: "I'm getting a little antsy to get to Notre Dame, but I'm trying to enjoy high school. You only get to go to high school once. Schools come every now and then and tell me if I ever change my mind or re-open my recruitment that they would be interested. I just tell them I'm committed to Notre Dame."

What's something Irish fans don't know about you, but would be interested in finding out?

BRENT: Well, I like to sleep a lot (laughing). No, I'm kidding. They probably already know I play basketball, but something they may not know is I didn't want anything to do with football. Our family was more of a basketball family than a football family, which I guess is normal in Indiana. Before football, I actually visited Indiana and Purdue for basketball. As a freshman, I was set on playing basketball in college. I even threw away the first letter I got for football from Texas A&M. I didn't even open it. Then, I got to be 6'3" and started reevaluating my options. I could either be a 6'3" wide receiver or I could be a 6'3" point guard that's not lightning quick. From then on during my sophomore year, I made football my No. 1 priority."

Heading up to Notre Dame any time soon?

BRENT: "I'll probably get up there for the spring game and some spring practices. I'll try to reel some other guys in. I don't know too many kids that Notre Dame is recruiting right now because Notre Dame recruits everywhere, so there's not too many around me. I knew the class above me pretty well, though."

Speedway High won their sectional game in the playoffs on Saturday. Brent scored a game-high 22 points. Top Stories