Gibson garnering attention

Sophomore standout athlete Torrance Gibson of Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage has three offers, including Notre Dame. His head coach, Mike Rumph, discusses what position Gibson will play going forward, what it was like for Gibson to get a Notre Dame offer, and what school has been in heavy pursuit as of late.

Sophomore athlete Torrance Gibson of talent-rich American Heritage in Plantation, Florida touts offers from Miami, Boston College, and Notre Dame.

"He was all smiles when that Notre Dame offer came through," American Heritage head coach Mike Rumph said. "It was a tremendous boost to his confidence to get offered by one of the top teams in the nation that just went to the national championship. He thought the world of it."

Gibson defines the position "athlete," but his coach says quarterback will be his primary home for the second half of his high school career.

"Our team had a very talented quarterback the last two years, so Torrance played safety, wide receiver, and special teams," Rumph said. "These next two years he'll play quarterback. He's a very solid quarterback. He can run like the wind, and he excels in the zone-read, and he can also stand back in the pocket, make any throw, and pick apart defenses."

Rumph says Gibson's being recruited as a signal-caller at this stage in the recruiting process.

"Just knowing the type of kid that he is, he would be open to playing something other than quarterback at the next level," Rumph said. "But, he's earned his title as dual-threat quarterback. As far as I know, teams are recruiting him for quarterback."

Gibson's head coach says the 6-foot-3, 175-pound quarterback's versatility and athleticism is unrivaled, especially for players of his age group.

"His combination of size, speed, and athleticism sets him apart from others," Rumph said. "He is a state champion in track in the 800 and 400 events and, he's one of the best in Florida. A new aspect he's added to his game is baseball. He's excelling as a left-handed pitcher right now."

Rumph expects new offers to be rolling in for Gibson.

"Ohio State was very hot on him last week. That's definitely the primary team he's hearing from right now."

Rumph says he's unsure if Gibson will be able to visit any schools this spring due to his baseball schedule. Top Stories