Blazevich excited to see Notre Dame

Jeb Blazevich of Charlotte Christian plans to decide on a school June 1. After a whirlwind of visits that starts this weekend at Notre Dame, Blazevich thinks he'll have all the information he'll need to decide. He talks about how realistic it is he leaves the South, and what he wants to get out of seeing the Irish on Saturday.

Jeb Blazevich of Charlotte (N.C.) Christian is one of the most sought after tight ends in the country, and he's currently sitting on a top six of Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ole Miss, and Ohio State.

Blazevich is headed to Notre Dame this weekend for junior day, and he's excited to get his first glimpse of campus.

"I've seen every place in my top six except for Notre Dame and Ole Miss, so I'm really excited for this weekend," Blazevich said. "My dad and I will fly out there Friday night and leave Sunday morning. I just got sent the itinerary today in class, but I haven't had a chance to read it yet."

Blazevich is comfortable staying south of the Mason Dixon, but he's open to making an exception for two schools.

"Truth be told, I would like to stay in the South, but Notre Dame and Ohio State are two schools that could take me away. They wouldn't be on my list if I didn't like them enough to consider them in the end," Blazevich said.

The 6-foot-5, 240-pound tight end has a lot to look forward to this spring, and it starts at Notre Dame.

"I've been to Clemson's junior day and Georgia's spring practice, but I haven't been to any other places recently," Blazevich said. "This Notre Dame visit is really kicking off all my visits. I'll probably get to see the facilities, talk with the coaches, see a spring practice, and sit in on some meetings. I just want to see what a day is like at Notre Dame. I want to talk with the coaches about my position and how they see me fitting in with the offense."

Blazevich is set on his top six, and he's planning a June 1 decision date.

"As of right now, I still plan on deciding around June 1,and I think I'll have enough information to make a decision, but if not, I'm not going to rush it," Blazevich said. "I've had to decline some coaches this spring because I'm ready to end the process. I realized that if I didn't start to narrow my schools then I could never make a decision. Also, I want to get to know other people at the school I'm going to and see what kind of expectations my coaches will have for me."

After Notre Dame, Blazevich will see Ohio State the weekend after, followed by Clemson, then Ole Miss on April 5, and he'll end his spring tour at Alabama on April 12.

"After these visits coming up, I'll be able to compare all the schools and get a good feeling of where I want to go," Blazevich said. "I write a lot of stuff down after I visit and make a list of pros and cons. I do a lot of research."

Blazevich is a four-star prospect and the No. 10 ranked tight end in 2014. Last season, he had 30 catches for 379 yards and five touchdowns. Top Stories