Blazevich recaps Notre Dame junior day

Tight end Jeb Blazevich has Notre Dame in his top 6, and he's planning a June 1 commitment date. Blazevich visited Notre Dame for the first time on Saturday for junior day, and he talks about his visit, conversations with the staff, and future plans.

Tight end Jeb Blazevich of Charlotte (N.C.) Christian took in Notre Dame on Saturday for the first time, and he enjoyed the junior day experience in South Bend.

"It went really well," Blazevich said. "I think I got as good of feeling for Notre Dame as I could get. I understand what it's going to be like if I went there for four or five years."

"We went into the film meeting, and I got to see the little things that they were going to install," Blazevich said. "That was really cool. There was three other tight end recruits there, too. We were just taking everything in."

Blazevich said Notre Dame's practice was run a little differently than other places he's visited.

"Practice was a little bit different than I expected," Blazevich said. "During the individual period, coaches really exaggerated their teaching points, but during the team scrimmage, everything was just go, go, go. They just really wanted to go fast. They waited to do most of their coaching in the film room, which was different from other schools."

"My favorite part of today was the food," Blazevich said laughing. "For lunch we had ribs, mac and cheese, chicken, and cornbread muffins. We ate in the football complex. It was delicious."

At the end of the day, Blazevich got to speak with the coaches about his recruitment.

"I talked with Coach [Tony] Alford one-on-one," Blazevich said. "He gave a lot of recruiting advice, not just about Notre Dame, but in general. I also talked with Coach [Scott] Booker and Coach [Brian] Kelly. The biggest thing we talked about was my timetable and how I wanted to commit before the summer. They told me that was a good thing because spots fill up quickly."

"There were only about 10 recruits there, and I really appreciated that because we weren't all jockeying for time with the coaches," he said.

The 6-foot-5, 240-pound tight end says he'll know more where the Irish stand with him after he concludes his spring visits.

"I honestly don't know," Blazevich said. "After I go on some more visits, I'll have a better idea on how to compare them. Right now, I'm just like a sponge trying to soak up everything."

Blazevich will visit Ohio State in two weekends, followed by Clemson, then Ole Miss on April 5, and Alabama on April 12.

For more on Blazevich's decision timetable and additional details about his recruitment, here's Wednseday's article.

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