Commit Diary: Mustipher's Musings

In the first edition of "Mustipher's Musings," recent Notre Dame commit offensive guard Sam Mustipher provides a look at a typical day in his life as a student-athlete at Good Counsel and talks about how it feels to be part of the Irish nation.

The No. 2 ranked offensive guard in the nation as evaluated by, Sam Mustipher, committed to the Irish this earlier month. Mustipher holds over 25 offers, and he chose the Irish over offers from schools like Alabama, Clemson, Florida, Maryland, Miami, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.

Mustipher, who attends Our Lady of Good Counsel in Olney, Maryland will be doing a monthly diary entry for updating fans on his life as a student-athlete, teammate, brother, son and Notre Dame commit.

His first entry comes a week and a half after his commitment.

--- ENTRY ONE ---

It's been 8 days since I've committed to the Irish. I wake up to [the song] "Unforgettable" by Drake at 5:30 a.m. Usually there are a few Facebook messages from West coast coaches but none today. I'm enjoying the stress free life that being committed allows. I go through my regular morning routine with my eyes closed. My mom has laid out a breakfast sandwich, a light blue Gatorade and a water bottle. Being hydrated is such an important part of being an athlete. Get in the car around 5:55 to head to my bus stop. Get to the bus at 6:15 and take a nap until we arrive at school around 7:40. I head to the locker room to get dressed for a morning strength class. We have upper body today. An exciting day for any football player. I text my parents telling them to have a good day. Always need to show love for those who support you.

Following strength class, I head to AP Literature. We are preparing for an embedded exam. Next, it's just a 15 minute period where we listen to announcements and get a break from classes. From that I head to pre-calculus. Math is my strong suit so I'm not too stressed for this class. And I know after this I have a study hall. For lunch, I go to the cafeteria and get a huge salad, apple roasted chicken and rice and make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Last class is study hall and I just try to knock out as much homework as possible.

From study hall I go to our team workouts. It's a lower body explosion day so it will be power cleaning day. On the way there my coach stops me and says, "You better duck going past the office. There are some coaches in there wondering why you committed to Notre Dame." I just reply with a laugh and make my way to the locker room to get changed. I get the team lined up so our strength and conditioning coach can set up who gets put on what rack. After warm-ups, coaches from Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Maryland, and two Rivals reporters and a Scout reporter come in to watch us workout. Just a normal day at Good Counsel.

We finish off our lift, get our cleats, and head out to the field for some field work and bag drills. We stay out for about 30 minutes and then I head home with my teammate C.J. Carroll to get cleaned up for a leadership Mass. It's when the school designates us as the new leaders. It's basically our initiation as seniors. My parents come to the Mass. I ended up receiving a $2,500 scholarship for next year based off of my leadership and participation in extracurricular activities. They announce that I will be attending Notre Dame which gets tons off praise from all in attendance. You don't really understand what people say when they talk about tradition until you see what being a part of the Irish family is about.

Following Mass, I take pictures with my teammates. Two of my closest teammates also received scholarships for different reasons. I take pictures with people I've never met, but I like making people happy so I enjoy it. My parents tell me congratulations and head back home because I'm staying with C.J. I have an XBSS meeting early the next morning, (ten students from the rising senior class who exhibit the Xaverian values) so CJ and I stop at Grill Marx to eat with his parents. We leave the restaurant around 11 p.m. and CJ's dad gives us the keys to the Range and lets me drive it back to the house. I later on convince him to let us take it to prom. We go home and knock out some quick homework and play a game of 2k13. He's a Knicks fan and I'm a Heat fan so we always go at it. I turn on SportsCenter to catch the Heat game highlights. Up 2-0 on the Bucks. I end up passing out on the couch and he goes upstairs to his room. That sums up my day. Just an average kid with above average dreams.

Go Irish!

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