Incoming Irish: MLB Michael Deeb

In the first of the "Incoming Irish" series, IrishEyes checks in with middle linebacker Michael Deeb of Plantation (Fla.) American Heritage. Deeb talks about the strides he's made in the off-season, why he's not looking past Temple, and what defensive coordinator Bob Diaco told him about playing time.

Incoming freshman middle linebacker Michael Deeb can't wait to officially step foot on Notre Dame in just a few weeks.

"Everything is going great right now," Deeb said. "I'm getting so ready to get up on campus. I'm just so excited for the college life experience. All of my older friends talk about how great college is, and I'm excited to experience it for myself."

Deeb said he's ready to tackle the academics of college as much as he is opposing teams.

"I am majoring in business entrepreneurship, and I know I've got to take some general classes at first, but I can't wait to get into classes that I'm really interested in," Deeb said. "American Heritage does such a great job of getting us prepared for college. College coaches know that our off the field stuff will be taken care of if we go to Heritage."

"Coach Alford and Coach Diaco were down there the other day recruiting some of the younger guys, and I joked with them that they should just build a house down here since they're down here so often."

Deeb said the key word of his off-season preparation on the field was "reaction."

"Three days a week I do the packet that the [Notre Dame] coaches gave us, and the other days I work with my trainer," Deeb said. "My trainer came with me on a visit to Notre Dame, and he was there for my in-home visit, so the coaches at Notre Dame trust what he is doing with me."

"I'm really focusing on reaction," Deeb said. "How I change direction and adapt to the play is all reaction. Everything I do at middle linebacker is based around how quick I can react. I'm not just breezing through cones, but I'm responding to the play and then reacting."

"I've also been training with some college guys that signed with NFL teams that came back to train before OTA's," Deeb said. "I worked out with Mark Brunell, Anthony Delury, and a few older guys that came out of American Heritage."

Deeb said he's also focused on his improving his diet.

"I'm at 6'2", 238 right now," Deeb said. "I've been at the weight for about a year, but the difference is I've really cleaned up my diet."

Game in 2013 Deeb is most looking forward to?

"Temple," Deeb said. "That's the truth. We have a lot of college coaches coming through our campus to recruit here, and a coach from Pittsburgh was here the other day and made a comment about them playing us. I had no idea. I'm so focused on improving this summer and in camp and then worrying about Temple. My thoughts are on two dates: June 11 (arrive on campus) and August 31 (Temple)."

Deeb said he's not planning on holding back when it comes to pushing the older guys for playing time.

"Coach Diaco told me recently, 'When you're ready, we're ready,'" Deeb said. "If I make plays in camp, and I'm better than the guy ahead of me, then I'll start. It's that simple at Notre Dame. I'm ready to show the coaches the production that I can bring to the team and also the maturity that I have. I'm planning on impressing them." Top Stories