Commit Diary: Mustipher's Musings

Notre Dame offensive guard commit Sam Mustipher of Olney (Md.) Good Counsel details his weekend experience of going up against some of the nation's top competition as well as meeting fellow Irish commits Alex Bars and Elijah Hood in his second journal entry for

I made this month's diary entry to give fans a look at the time leading up to and during the Rivals Five Star Challenge.

Day Before 6/6/13

I got a good ten hours of sleep. It has been a long few weeks of workouts and you have to find good sleep or else it starts diminishing the results from your workouts. I woke up and made some sausage and toast, grabbed a Gatorade and a water bottle, and turned on ESPN to catch the Stephen A. prediction of the Spurs in 7 games. That's a tough pill to swallow as a Miami Heat fan. I was one of the ones who went through the awful losing seasons when Caron Butler and Lamar Odom were there. I bought the converses Dwayne Wade wore in the '06-'07 championship the day they came out. They are only pair of converses I have ever worn. I start packing my stuff for the weekend and wait for my ride to go workout at TZ Sports. I workout with the guys who go to college soon just so I can push myself to another level. I grew up with Chris Jones, Coach Troy's(guy who runs the gym) son and DeMatha High (Maryland) wide receiver so this place is like home to me. I have overspeed today in preparation for the camp circuit.

Following the workout, I go home to pack my things and shower. I leave around 5:30 p.m. for driving school. In Maryland, it's required to have 30 hours of classroom time before hitting the road. I get out of class around 9:15 p.m. and my dad lets me drive home. I get there as quickly as legally possible to watch the Heat game. My mom has dinner made already and my little brother will get home from his basketball practice shortly. We watch the game and following that I get ready for bed. Big day is tomorrow!

Day One 6/7/13:

I wake up about 7:45 p.m. and go through the morning routine. My dad comes home to take me to the airport. I grab a plain bagel with cream cheese and a water bottle once I get through security. This is my first time flying alone so it's pretty exciting. At the gate I just put my headphones in and listen to some music. The flight is on time despite the rain associated with tropical storm Andrea. I'll be in Chicago in less than two hours. It was bumpy flight but nothing too extreme. I get off of the plane and head to baggage claim and Alex Bars is there as well. This is our first time meeting in person and he's a real cool dude. I go to my room and nap for a little bit then come back down and see Elijah in the lobby. Topic of discussion is his infamous "Roll Toilet" vine. I thought it was hilarious. It's time to eat dinner. After dinner I get my uniform for day one and get in the bed.

Day 2 6/8/13:

I wake up early to go to breakfast and then get on the bus headed to Soldier Field. First, we have group pictures then we head through drills in preparation for one-on-ones. It was a pretty good day. I won four out of my six reps. We get on the bus and go back to the hotel. I take a quick nap then we head out to Lucky Strikes for bowling and a good time. Justin (Brent), Elijah (Hood) and Alex (Bars) and myself spend some time together and get a group photo. We finish up around 9 and I go back to my hotel and get a good night's rest.

Last Day 6/9/13:

Final day! I wake up and eat a good breakfast with some simple carbs in the mix. Our bus comes late so we have minimal time to warm up at Soldier field. We get into our one-on-ones. I win four out of my eight reps today. Not a good day for me by any stretch. All in all the weekend was a great experience. I got to go up against the top defensive lineman in the country. The best guy I went up against I though was Derrick Nnadi. I'm not a guy who is used to losing or happy with any loss so it left a sour taste in my mouth. Part of being an athlete is building off of your failures and getting better. Now I recognize my strengths and weaknesses and look to have a great off-season with my teammates. Go Irish! Top Stories